Night Out

Hello, a quick post to show you the pictures of our evening out. London is ill and Paris has a lot of work with school. We hope you, mad readers have a nice week and enjoy the pictures. Stay healthy! x


Kacie Cone said...

Beautiful photos, looks awesome!

ka milka said...

fine pics; DD

i invite to me too

who the fuck is N.? said...

awesome pics (:

Chiara said...

Nice shots ! :)


Lyosha said...

looks like a very cool spot!

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Laura said...

Nice post


Grace said...

Love your pristine shots!


Giuls said...

Amazing pictures... they remind me something like royal: warm colors, soft lights and tender objects! Amazing :))anyway.. I'm so sorry for London and I completely understand Paris... I'm so busy due to university, too! :(( hope things gettin'better soon!
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Katie Frank said...

yay, beautiful photos <3
are paris and london your real names?