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Elf Fantasy Fair 2015 posted at 1:54 PM

"The moon drowns out all but the brightest stars" ~ J.R.R Tolkien

Ever wondered what a fairytale would look like in real live? Well, I think I found my fairytale world in Elf Fantasy Fair, Like Emma  Swan from "Once Upon a Time" did find Storybrook, . A magical world with a medieval touch. I was invited by Cathy (from Chishio Cosplay) who was dresses as Grell from Kuroshitsuji. I decided to go as Red Riding Hood. Romy (from Aura Sphere Cosplay)  could come as well so we talked and had a lot of fun.

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future" 
~ J.R.R Tolkien

The whole setting of this event is just overwhelming and I don't know if I can describe it any different then magical. You are surround by characters from your favorite movies, series,... I adore the "Lord of the Rings" characters! Besides that I also met some awesome cosplayers from "Once Upon a Time" (Regina and the Wicked witch.) I even got a picture with them, which made me very happy and me as Red Riding Hood didn't really fall out of place. The theme "Game of Thrones" probably made this event even better (though I'm sad that I missed the 'Lord of the Rings' theme though. But there were so many characters from this series and also music and of course a special stand with dragon eggs!!! I saw several amazing persons dressed as  John Snow too.  Romy kindly treated me with lunch, and there was so much to choose from and it tasted delicious. We took pictures, bought fantasy books, two rings and I as well bought a elegant spoon with a beautiful gem as souvenir.

Though the weather wasn't perfect, it still was an unique experience. I almost forget to tell you about what truly made my day. I desperately wanted to see/meet Jack Sparrow and I was just telling Romy about it and there he was. He or perhaps she, was such a wonderful cosplayer!  Well, I'm definitely going back next year. Thank you Romy and Cathy for the amazing day and meet you there next year. ^__^

~ Romy and Cathy. (Cathy as Grell and Romy as Photographer)
Every heart has a story to tell posted at 4:44 PM

But memories are time beings, too, like cherry blossoms or ginkgo leaves; for a while they are beautiful, and then they fade and die.” ~  Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

Sunday my sister was here and despite the little time we had together, we decided to shoot together for the blog. It has been a while since we posted outfit pictures, or actually worked for the blog together. It seems we both have settled in. She moved into a new house, and seems to be settling in just fine. Paris and her friend are even adopting a cat next Sunday. I've only seen the cat on picture, but I'm sure she will give them a lot of love.

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” 
~ Pablo Neruda

For me, it seems I'm taking the right turns on each crossroad as well. Thoughts have been giving a place. And when you realize reality isn't a fairytale, but what you learn is that there is so much to live for. So much to care for. My road has just started to blossom and I know that the path will be in full bloom when I keep walking, because after all, isn't the journey as important then the destination. Now I will have something to look back to, and something to yearn for, but I will especially hope that the destination stays far away. The petals will fall, but will transform the grass in a beautiful pink carpet. Changing isn't always a bad thing, falling isn't either, because something new will be born out of it, and in this case, we will be enjoying apples in September.

Top: Vintage - Skirt and Bag: H&M - Bow: Veritas - Shoes; Steven Madden


Antwerp Convention 5th Edition posted at 12:06 PM

It was 7 a.m when we changed into our costumes. Cathy (Chishio Cosplay) decided to go as Gaga RuRu and Isabell as Lala Lulu. I decided to go as Umi Sonoda from Love Live. When we were ready we left to the 5th edition of Antwerp Convention by car. When we arrived a very long line was already waiting to enter, but we still had to park our car which went fluently. When we arrived at the entrance the line had disappeared thanks to the "two-line method". One for visitor without tickets and one for visitors with tickets.

When inside, we noticed the robot fights, but unfortunately it was too crowded to get a glimpse of the robots so we moved on. We loved the fact that there were old school games and modern games. The old Nintendo's were pretty nostalgic! There was a wide passage which made it easy to move to next hall where most of the dealers stood together with the main stage. There was a large variety of national and international traders who sold their good. You could buy comic books, keychains, wigs, original posters, materials to make costumes, lenses, drawing material, video games, clothing... I'm certain every visitor could find something to his or her liking

Besides gaming and shopping, there were also different activities like: wrestling, the Cosplay Group Picture, a Lego display, karaoke, the Avengers-bus from Disney, and the Cosplay Act Competition. I really enjoyed watching this. The costumes were beautiful and the acts were entertaining. We especially loved the Harry Potter act! I missed the Cosplay Panel/Q&A with Shinju's Workshop, because we were checking out the two halls, perhaps that's something for next year.

Besides that there were a lot of guests like Gates Mc Fadden from Star Trek, Tyler Mane from X-Men, Dan Starkey from Doctor Who, Clint Langley from Guardians of the Galaxy and a lot more.  Ellie Kendrick and Ian McElhinney from Game of Thrones were offered a Q&A session at the Panel Stage, which was pretty amazing as well!

In the first two hours we could easily walk and watch the different stands, games,.. but after that it actually became a little too crowded for the three of us. But overall we had a wonderful time. We had fun, bought keychains from Love Live and enjoyed the different activities that were organised. I'm looking forward to next year.


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