Thursday, November 1, 2012


L.OL.A is a jewelery shop with lots of lovely romantic and dreamy earings, necklaces and a lot more. We made a  little interview with the owner of the shop. Hope you maddies like it ^^ 
1) Tell a bit about yourself (studies, interests, hobby's) 
I am Lola, an appreciator of chocolate, hugs, and ouistitis. I am from Liège – Belgium – and I’ve just graduated from the University of Maastricht - The Netherlands - were I studied Psychology & International Relations. Apart from nerding for university and gluing my fingers while creating jewelries, I like to dance, to play the piano and to bake cakes.
 2) What inspired you to make jewelries? 
When I was 9 years old, people were completely crazy about rings made out of tiny Swarovski crystals. I wanted to make my mum and my aunt happy so I bought beads and then tried to figure out how to create something out of them. It was a funny jigsaw puzzle to solve.
One day, a woman wanted to buy my aunt’s ring, no matter the price! So I got some $$$ in my eyes but was above all very happy that someone was ready to buy my jewelries! Ps: I want to emphasis the second part of the sentence here 
Then, with time, the crystals’ trend faded away and as I have never really worn jewelries, I stopped making them.
3) When did you started? 
In 2010 I randomly started to buy beads as I was procrastinating on the Web. That summer, I locked myself into my bedroom and produced tone of jewelries. Since then, I have been trying to create new items as often as possible. I wanted to give to my jewelries a name that was short, a bit narcissistic (lol) and easy to remember. I simply choose L.O.L.A because it is my first name plus 3 dots between the letters (my last name is Troisfontaines and “Trois” is the French word for 3…) 
4) Where do you get your inspiration? 
From a practical viewpoint, I love building and fixing things, from wardrobes and wedding cakes to bandages. I somehow see jewelries as constructions (e.g. you assemble pieces, remove parts, glue & fix others…). When it comes to inspiration, I don’t really know what to say, it is more like a “moody thing”: it depends how I feel, what I’ve eaten, who I meet, where I am…


Angie said...

gorgeous pictures :)
and such a cute interview!

Angie ||

Ruby And Siel said...

That about the dollar signs made me laugh haha! You have a great writing style :) Love you're story too !

Natalia L. said...

Ohhh, the hot-air ballons accessories are my favourites! <3

Girls that glitter love the dark

Lyosha said...

adorable accessory and great post text!

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Chiara said...

to be honest, i've never heard of L.O.L.A. but now, i'm so proud that it's a Belgian company.:)
really nice collection !


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Amy K said...

Great blog. Would you like to follow each other?

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Loved the interview and the collection is beautiful<3



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