Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rosegal international GIVEAWAY


Hello dear mad readers! were kind enough to sponsor this giveaway for you guys, isn't that amazing! They sell vintage clothing but also clothing with a modern touch. They sell dresses to pants, coats and jewelry. There is something for everybody for sure. The clothing isn't expensive and the quality is great . We have already selected a few of our favorites, but it sure was hard to choose since they really have many amazing items!

Blue dress: link - Printed dress: link - Cardigan: link - Yellow coat: link - Turquoise coat: Link
What can you win? We'll chose one winner who can chose 1 item out of 5 items whom you can see in the pictures below. The winner will be chosen in 10 days!

Blue Blouse: link - White blouse: link - Striped dress: link - Long dotted dress: link - Long dress: link

Read more to find our what you need to do!

What do you need to do?

- Do like there facebook 
- Like our facebook 
- Do subscribe to their youtube channel 
- Choose your favorite item from their site + the one you would like to win and post it in a comment
- Post you email in the comment as well!

Good luck Maddies! xxx


David De Broe said...

I would very much like to win the white blouse.

my email address:

kindest regards,


Antoniette Luiza Tambosi said...

I loved the blue dress, it's beautiful
my email:

Thanks, Antoniette

kiss me quick said...

I want this dress so much :

my email is

Ice Pandora said...

Tehehe, how coincedence, I am holding a giveaway of Rosegal as well :P since I can't participate myself obvious, I'm gonna join yours!

I'd love to win that white blouse really c: Xx

Ari Ugalde said...

I'm in love with the white blouse so I choose it! By the way, I love your blog I think your style is so gorgeous!

My email is

Thanks for these lovely things!Xxx

Rowan - Rebels maar Romantisch said...

I'd love to win the red dress! I adore this cute blouse with hearts on their website:

I did all the steps, so I can only hope now. :) xo Rowan

julienne said...

The white blouse is very pretty!

my email:

Anonymous said...

I liked the Facebook pages and subscribed to their Youtube channel :) I would like to win the long red dotted dress, it's gorgeous!! The item I like most on their website is this furry coat:
It looks so cosy and fluffy!!

Marta said...

Did all the necessary things :)
I'd feel like a porcelain dool in this dress
If i am lucky, i'd like to win the striped dress.


maria martinez blanco said...

i like long dotted dress
fb maria martinez b
youtube maria martinez blanco

marisol nieto said...

i like
FACEBOOK marisol nieto
GFC marisol nieto n

Steffi Santa said...

Steffi Santa
My fav item is

Anna Marian said...

I would like to win the cardigan:::

My e-mail:

patricia fraga said...

facebook patry fraga martinez
GFC patricia fraga
me gusta este

MAO2x said...

I would like to win the long dress


MAO2x said...

I would like to win the long dress

Priscilla Tan said...

Facebook Nick: Dellarobia Tan
Youtube Nick: PriscillaTan
Email: prisailurophile[at]

I like the Vintage Polo Collar Lace Openwork Sleeveless Pleated Women's Shirt :)

Thanks for inviting me, ladies!

-Priscilla, book & lifestyle blogger at

Christine Gapuz said...

I love their Vintage V-Neck Ruffled Low-Cut Sleeveless Bodycon Dress! Sexy red!

If I win, I would love the Fashion Style Stand Collar Ruffled Flounce Edge Self-Tie Sleeveless Chiffon Women's Dress.. in Peach? :)

Facebook: Diwata Luna
YTube: Diwata Luna

OneLemon said...

I love vintage clothes and thus is like the awesome-most giveaway. I love this dress so much!
E-mail -
Facebook - Alen Peseyie
You tube - Aleno Peseyie

Debora said...

Great giveaway! I like this:
Debora Ferri

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