Friday, November 29, 2013

Lookbook VS What I Wear

Lookbook VS What I Wear

Hellow fellow bloggers. I guess almost everybody has heard of these two websites even if you aren't on one of these platforms. We wanted to give our experience with them and would love you to comment your experience as well, or whether you do or don't agree.

Starting with Lookbook. Lookbook is the first platform we had joined to show our look and discover new looks. As soon as we started we realized it wasn't easy to get 'hypes'. We recently started so our pictures weren't that professional like all the pictures on the hot page. Gradually we started learning more about photography and bought a new lens. Ever since than our look were getting more 'hypes'.
Lookbook has a system that makes it very hard to get your spot on the hot-page. The people who are the longest on Lookbook get priority. You have to post regular if you want to make sure you would like to receive the hot page. You need to collect enough 'karma' with you looks, but seeing the 'popular' girls and boys who have been there longer, getting on the hot page almost every time are getting more hypes and receiving more karma each time, which makes it almost impossible for the newcomers to achieve there spot on the hot page. Besides that, I think that not only the outfits are important but also the photographs, like I explained before. There are a lot of people who have a beautiful look, but don't have the camera to get such a 'perfect' picture. Lot's of people are attracted by beautiful pictures and  sceneries (which I do like as well of course!!) but, I think the outfit is what's important, right? What I can't deny is that Lookbook definitely gains you traffic!

1. Cherrish                  2. HanByul            3. Simona                 4. Leah                     5.  5Foot Inch

Now about What I Wear. What I wear did only start recently and wasn't very popular in the beginning. We were doubting to start, because you already have so much platform to maintain like: facebook, twitter, intagram, lookbook and your own blog of course. After a while we decided to give it a try and we liked it. Now What I Wear is also getting more popular and we are certain it is going to get more popular soon! What we like about what I wear is that they have a overvieuw of all the looks on the hot and new page. You can compare looks, have more chance to get 'wowed" and besides that, the quality of your pictures aren't that important, because the pictures are shown a lot smaller. People do look more at the outfits than the Photograph. What I wear doesn't gain us a lot of traffic though, but we're certain that will change in the future. For newcomers, we recommend this platform the most!

IWhat is your experience with these two sites?



Jackie Harrison said...

Cool concept I like it. Have an awesome weekend.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Interesting platforms. Great outfits. Keep in touch

Shopp Isticated said...

you look sooooo beautiful <3 love the dress xx shoppisticated

Aleena said...

LOVE LOVE ur blog! u are so stunning!
would you like to follow each other? following you now xxo

Beatrice Gaudreau said...

I definitely prefer what I wear, I had the same problems with Lookbook. And I discover your blog with What I wear! Another plus is that they send you an email to directly post your outfit from your blog on the platform so it's easy and fast! <3 your blog!

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