Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What will I remember? What will I forget?

~ Emilie Autumn - What will I Remember
London: "Is my future my? God knows I have a past. Where's my second shapter, or will the first also be my last?" 
These are the pictures of the picnic I had arranged of the beginning of July. It was a really great day and I'm sure we are going to do something fun like this together again! The sun wasn't shining when I took these pictures, but it was warm enough and luckily not raining.
Besides, I just discovered Emilie Autumn is coming to Antwerp soon, and I'm still doubting if I should go or if I can go. Perhaps another time, but I doubt it would be anytime soon she will return. I really like her newest album 'fight like a girl'. It really helped my a lot. I adore her lyrics and point of view.
Besides my sister also left on vacation and I'm feeling quiet lonely. I'm studying and working for school all the time though, but I have nobody to talk to in person now. At least I know she is enjoying her trip. (She probably has more fun them me now) Haha. Enjoy these pictures! Do you like picnics?



Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like these photos. A very elegant snack. Keep in touch

Ana Rita Leite said...

aw, such a nice pics, love it :)
xo, A.
RIITZERLAND - Photography and Lifestyle Blog

Junjun said...

Beautiful photos!
It looks like you had a good time. c:

Juliet said...

Cute,totally love <3

Rachael // The Paraders said...

You always put together the cutest outdoor scenes!



so lovely!!! :D

Beauty Follower said...

Have fun lovlies!

Anonymous said...

totally lovely!
Ⅰwanna go to there.

Ⅰlove your blog!
so lovely

Laura said...

Dat ziet er echt heel leuk uit!

Charlotte Everaert said...

ooooh past zo op pinterest! heerlijk!
xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

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