Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flowers in my hair

Enya - Ebudae 

Hello dearies, Paris writing to you today. You didn't heard much from me, but I'm back. I worked a whole month, so I was busy with saving some money. But there isn't much left of it. I bought paint with it, because I wanted to practicing my skills. And I'm going on a trip to Budapest! Whoehoe exciting, right?
So here is a new outfit post! I love long skirt, and this one is really pretty! The fabric of it is so soft! I'm also in a hippie mood! I'm even searching for a hippie bus, though it's too expensive!
What are you guys doing?



Becky said...

Those sunglasses are perfect on you!


Juliet said...

Just like always,the best

Elisse said...

Toffe outfit! Heerlijk hippie! En wow, naar Budapest, zalig! Ik ga in het najaar ook, een vriendin gaat een semester studeren daar, dus een goed excuus om naar daar af te zakken :)

Trouwens, mag ik vragen welke code jullie gebruiken om bij de 'hover' over de foto 'm naar zwartwit om te zetten? Heel tof effectje!

Alette said...

Lovely pictures!!

Carina M said...

Gorgeous photos, so whimsical!

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Brenda evans said...

pretty floral crown :)


Angie J. said...

gorgeous :) as usual!

Brenda Lu said...



Rachel Kromdijk said...

Wat ben ik blij dat ik op jullie blog terecht ben gekomen!
wat een gave foto's en prachtige kleur tinten gebruiken jullie!


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