Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beauty Review

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London: "While watching the sun sink into the desert, I reminisce about your shadow surrounded by the wind."

Hello dear maddies, it's been a while since we have posted something about beauty, but today we're giving you a review of something we have bought. It the 88 original Eye Shadow Palette.  You can choose bright colors or warm colors. We decided to take the bright colors because there were also browns in them. As you can see we also took two different eyelashes.
We searched some reviews since we didn't know what the quality would be, but apparently the reviews were pretty good so we decided to go for it.

The Package: It arrived without any damage because of the package, which is definitely a plus point. You can also put them back in the package when you want to keep them save! 9/10
The look:  The black ones are very fragile and I don't know the material of it, but it's very thick.  The feathers look very beautiful and better quality. I think the design at least deserves a 8/10!
The effect: I tried to put them on, but unfortunately the quality of the glue is horrible. I tried to put them on several time, but I did't succeed. Also, the glue is hard to get of your eyes, I had to really rub it off. I'm going to search another glue and let you know the effect later.
The Price: It's not very expensive in my opinion. They look very beautiful! The price for the 'Black cut out false eyelaces' is 4,51 euro and for the 'Dual tone false purple eyelaces' is 3,72 euro. 8/10

The Package: Well, as you can see, the palette didn't arrive how it should have been. I don't know what happened, perhaps it had a rough travel, but I'm somehow thinking it's also because of the material of the package. The palette closes very well though and it doesn't opened quickly. (so you don't have to be afraid that your suitcase will be a mess.) The left side of my palette was actually wasted now and a part of the right side as well, which is kind of sad, but it's not the worse though. I tried opening and closing the box again, and I need to tell you that the eye shadow keeps coming of. So I advise you to be careful when you are planing to take it with you. Overall, the design looks very beautiful! 6/10

The Eye Shadow: As you can see, the Eye shadow doesn't look that bright on my hand and it is a little 'dusty'. But when I tried it on my eyelids, I was pretty satisfied. There is quiet a lot pigment in the colors and the variation of the colors is also very nice. The blending is a little difficult, but of you use enough eye shadow, than it works. 7/10
The Price: For a palette, it wasn't very expensive. You get a rather good quality for the price you payed. The "88 original eye shadow palette" did cost 14,88 euro. Besides that the shipping on Romwe is free, so you don't need to pay extra. 8/10



Ice Pandora said...

I think for just 4,50 is not
a pricey thing for these
adorable looking lashes c:
Bummer about the glue tho..

En ik zou die palette terug
brengen want dit is toch geen
gezich?! Maar wel lekker veel
kleuren c: Xx

Katie Frank said...

oh my, these colours on your eyes are too lovely *_* love it !


Sandra V. said...

Wow! Nice blog, I love your pictures ;) Thanks for visited mine

Annabelle said...

The colours all look so great in the palette and it's good it was pigmented on the eyelids. It's not bad for its price.
The lashes with the feathers on look beautiful!

Yanikas said...

beautfiful blog, i love your pictures :)

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