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You're always a day away! posted at 7:33 PM

~ Tomorrow - Annie
Paris: "The sun'll comes out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there be sun. When I'm stuck at a day, that gray and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin and say: Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're always a day away."

Hello mad readers, I know this is the day this mad world supposed to die, but hey think positive we're are still here, or perhaps we didn't noticed that we died. We can still die of course, but I think that is something we don't want to talk about. But again, think positive  Nobody raised from the dead, so, it can't be that bad, right?! We hope that comforts you.
Now other subject. Since we thought the world would end today we didn't spend much time on our blog, but apparently we are still here, so we can blog again. c: Sooo here we are with a new post. It's cozy since it's cold here and the cardigan from Tidestore is really suitable for weather like this and it looks very beautiful too in our opinion. It's sooo fluffy and white as snow!! We combined it rather classic with a blouse and crossed skirt from Romwe. Yeah, we needed to pray for our lives, of course! x')
Cardigan: Tidestore - Skirt: Romwe - Top: Reenc - Bag: LateManta


We are Paris and London a creative twin living in Belgium. We are both still studying and besides studying we love blogging. We are both interested in Fashion, Beauty, but also art and culture. We create our own world and fashion helps us to achieve that. - The Mad Twins

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