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My dream will live on! posted at 6:50 PM

At a Beginning - Anastasia
London: "We were strangers starting out on journey. Never dreaming what we'd have to go though. Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing at the beginning with you."

Hello mad readers. Tomorrow it's already Sunday and yes holidays start as well, but we need to study for exams and London still has to work on her art project. I (London) Really lost my confidence with art, but I agree that I'm not thinking like a real artist, but it's because I'm not a real one, right? Well, I really like art, I'm interested in it and I wouldn't adore more than being a real artist, but I'm not thinking abstract enough. I think I can be more with words, since I like to think. Well, I think I have to gain confidence again with this subject since I really lost that, sadly enough, but I'm not a person who gives up so I keep continuing. I always keep in mind that Monet and Rodin and other famous artists weren't excepted as well, though I can't compare myself with them since I think they really are great artists. Besides that we can say we are very happy we have so many fans here! Thank you for the 1500 followers!!! We love you since you make us happy! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Besides, I met a guy, a really sweet guy, and I want to thank him as well and wish him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well. I think the person himself will know who I mean!..

"Life is a road and I want to keep going. Love is a river and I want to keep flowing." 


We are Paris and London a creative twin living in Belgium. We are both still studying and besides studying we love blogging. We are both interested in Fashion, Beauty, but also art and culture. We create our own world and fashion helps us to achieve that. - The Mad Twins

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