Hello Sunday

How are you dearies? We finally managed to take some outfit pictures! This cat dress is just amazing! It's so cute and we love cats! We found it on romwe. Amazing site to buy your clothes! We combined it with some cute polka dot shoes ^^ Comfortable to walk in and perfect for a nice accent. Christmas is coming so we bought a Christmas hat today.
Have a nice day!

London: Shoes: Naughty Monkey - Dress : Romwe - Hat: Wibra


Ice Pandora said...

The cat dress is just
tooooo cute!
You look ready for
Christmas c:


Mish Rendon said...

You look adorable! Love that dress! :)

XO, Mish @ http://starmishie.blogspot.com

the creation of beauty is art. said...

These pictures are SO cute! The hat is so festive as well!

Flight of Fancy Girl said...

You have a nice outfit and such dreamy photos!

Store: The Flight of Fancy Boutique

Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence said...

Adorable! Especially the hat!


Kacie Cone said...

Aw that dress is adorable and I love the santa hat!

Angie said...

Awesome! I have it in black. It's soooo fluffy, isn't it <3


M.Ortycja said...

I want your dress! It's totally awesome! :o

Insomnia said...

Such an adorable dress <3


Stefani said...

That dress is so cute!

Katie Frank said...

I love this beautiful winter outfit <3 This is so so so beautiful <3 My heart is melting :)

Annabelle said...

I love the shoes!!


Tori Bonaventura said...

Oh my goodness this dress is precious! You look beautiful!
xo, Tori

Kristina Lennon said...

Such a cute dress and shoes, love the santa hat touch :)

Laura said...

So cute babe!


B.A.D said...

Such a cute dress:X

pelmirk said...

your blog is very inspiring we are officially your funs from now on !!
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Isa said...

How adorable! I really love this outfit, so I chose it for my weekly column, "The Treasures of the Blogosphere". Every Friday, I publish on my blog a selection of the week's 8 best looks, and you're definitely one of them.
You can read about it here:
Hope you like it!


B.A.D said...

Beautiful dress! i love how you styled it

B.A.D said...

Beautiful dress! i love how you styled it

Athina said...

that is such a cute outfit!!