Sunday, May 11, 2014

I wanna know if staying Is better than goodbye

~ The common Linnets - Calm after the storm

London: "Oooh, skies are red and blue. I'm thinking about you here in the calm after the storm. There ain't nothing new here in the calm after the storm."

It's been a while dear mad readers! We are very sorry, but I don't do much more than working for school. Paris is barley home, so I spend most of my days at home alone, so pictures are hard to be taken on my own of new outfits. I do deeply apologize. I haven't shown there pictures I have taken of the two lovely twin sisters Hannah and Charlotte (who has returned from her internship in Boa Vista. Welcome back dear!!!). I loved how they looked like Anna and Elso so naturally and that's why I wanted to do a themed "frozen" shoot. I experimented with outfits and make-up and this is what came out of the Anna outfit. I believe Charlotte looked stunning even though she preferred here hair to be lose. Charlotte, I hope you liked the pictures as much as I do and wish you all the best in Belgium again. ^_^ Loves, London
ps: I noticed I still need to photoshop a few disturbing details. XD

Skirt: Mango - Black Dress: Think Twice



Sakuranko said...

Oh very ebautiful pics!

Live-Style20 said...

nice pics ;))


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Nagareboshi said...

Gorgeous pictures! ^__^

I know the feeling, I sometimes have on a nice outfit, but no one to take a picture for me...

Star said...

What a stunning dress. And the shoot isn't bright like other times so it seems darker and more mysterious. Like she's about to walk into the world of maleficent. O_O

Inês Silva said...

these photos are so amazing!

Katie Frank said...

wow these photos are so magic *_* i cannot stop scrolling <33

Mad Cats said...

I love the way you styled the dress and skirt!

Aurélie - lovelifelovefashion said...

Just like in a fairy tail! Stunning pics and amazing look.

x Aurélie

sandy sandhu said...

Cute pictures
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