Thursday, April 3, 2014

Try to get up but the doubt is so strong

~  Anthony Hamilton - Freedom 

London: "Felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Pressure to break or retreat at every turn, facing the fear that the truth had discovered…No telling how all this will work out … but I’ve gone too far to go back now."

Goodday dear mad readers. Here are we again with another outfit post. I just don't know how to express my love for this yellow skirt. I think it's just fabulous. I most of the time combine it with a black blouse or top with long sleeves (like you can see here) but I perhaps should try it in a different way as well. I love how the hat makes it all so elegant and classy. I don't have much more to say, besides that I'm exhausted and tired, but I really like my internship though. It keeps amazing me that time passes by so quickly. My list of 'things I want to do' is getting soooo long I can't impossibly do everything. XD I don't have much more to tell. We wish you a wonderful week!

Skirt & Shoes & Blouse & Hat: H&M - Clutch: Vintage



Inês Silva said...

I love the skirt :)
being busy doing what we love is one of the best gifts we can have!

Sakuranko said...

Oh very beautiful skirt sweetie~

Live-Style20 said...

so great look ;)) nice hat !!

kisses from Poland :*

Hester said...

love the hat!

Star said...

You look sooo gorgeous! The great thing about you wearing the skirt with all black means that it stands out even more and is visually striking. That skirt is extremely pretty. Reminds me of a yellow chiffon skirt I got last year, nowhere near as nice, but I got an identical one in mint and that was prettier.

Can't wait for your next post! Your blog is as phenomenal now as it ever was. <3

Angie J. said...

That skirt is so gorgeous! The perfect yellow. I love how you paired it with black but am thinking it might look pretty with a cobalt blue blouse as well :)

Panty Buns said...

You look amazing striding along in your beautiful bright yellow maxi skirt styles with your black hat, blouse and hosiery. I love how the wind moves your skirt and your hair in the photos. I hope you have a wonderful week as well.

Nagareboshi said...

Looking fabulous! ^^

Ine said...

Oooh die rok is zo mooi!! De kleur staat je prachtig :)

Maya Bogaert said...

Wauw prachtige rok! Dat geel staat je echt super goed en leuke hoed ook :)

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