Monday, April 7, 2014

Run like the river and shine like the sun

Bryan Adams - I Will Always Return
London: "I'll run like the river, I'll follow the sun. I'll fly like an eagle to where I belong."
Hello my dearest mad readers. I have been very busy and I would be lying that I wouldn't be now, but I'm having a really great time at the moment. My parents are suporting me so much, and I am seeing some friends soon, a dance meeting coming up, planning to do some work for school and enjoy the free time I have as much as possible with my family! I'm finally so glad I can do a few things I actually want to do. Life is so much more promising if you have things to look forward to, a tomorrow to look forward to!

"We don't have to adjust ourselves, but revert to ourselves. Teach to accept yourself and everybody surrounding you. Break the walls who kept you from seeing the other side and do things you actually want to do. Dare to see thing from a different point of view and how hard it may seem, accept the thing that have happened, forget and forgive. Not everybody is perfect, on the contrary, everybody is the same. Everybody has flaws. People don't exist in one color, but in several colors. If it are bright or smudges colors, their is nothing wrong with it. What our true colors are, nobody knows, but you can continue to live colorful." This I learned from the movie "Colorful" which is a must watch!

Besides that, I absolutely love this dress! The peach color is soo lovely and the sleeves are just amazing. The retro dress is from: I Love Vintage, and they have sooo many beautiful clothing. They have beautiful, 20's dresses, 50's dress, stunning retro dresses like the one I'm wearing. You can find this one 'here'. I styled it very simple with pumps, laced socks and one of my DIY headbands. Hope you like it.

Dress: I Love Vintage - Socks: Urban Outfitters - Pumps: New Look - Headband: DIY



Panty Buns said...

I love that Brian Adams song "I Will Always Return" and its lyrics. I guess "Colorful" is a movie I will have to see. I love the setting where you take your outfit photos. You look beautiful! I love your pretty pink I Love Vintage retro Salmon Famenco Dress, your D.I.Y. floral headband and your Urban Outfitters lace socks! Your outfit is gorgeous and fabulously ultra-feminine! I love it.

Inês Silva said...

you look like a little fairy ^^ I love how positive yours words are :)

jiru said...

This dress is amazing. I love the color & the sleeves. Lovely photos!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful pink frock! You look like a gorgeous little forest fairy. <3 xoxo

ニデラナターシカ said...

You look wonderful! I love the dress. ^__^

Star said...

This is such a darling outfit. Darling is the only thing that fits! It's too elegant for 'cute' and too cute for 'elegant'. I love how simple it is and how the whole outfit is different shades of the same colour. I can imagine that being great for the summer.

Maya Bogaert said...

Super schattige jurk en die bloemen in je haar zijn ook echt mooi!

Maxime Loncke said...

such a dreamy outfit, I love the sleeves on that dress!

lovepirate said...

I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to good times at the moment. :) That's always such a nice thing.
The dress is also absolutely amazing and I love your flower crown as well. ^^

Athina said...

Absolutely gorgeous!Simple and chic! :)

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