Monday, January 13, 2014

New Art Update

Hello Maddies! Long time no see! I must say, my (Paris) holiday was relaxing! I studied, but took enough time to recover! I really loved it, but it was over to soon! School started again and I'm working hard again. That's why I'll show you some artworks. It may be something abstract, but it is something I like. I rather like spending time on the paint and texture than on the drawing. Some exciting news! I started snowboarding! It is so fun to do!!! I"m totally in love with it! What did you guy do in you holiday?




she. said...

Grate work

Ice Pandora said...

Prachtig!! Keep up the good work c: Xx

Anna, indeed said...

wow! those are amazing! did you make those artwork? Super cool! :D

Can you do a work in progress video/photo-collage someday? That'd be super cool!

Natalie Vanheers said...

Amai heel mooi allemaal! You got skills!

Angie J. said...

These are all so good! Wow! You're pretty talented, doll :)

Star said...

Wow. The second one, the portrait of the man, is AMAZING. Lovee that one. Holidays? Pshhh can you call Stress a hobby?! XD

Glad you had so much fun! And to see you blogging again :3

Ruka said...

Had to google the character first XD
You look so adorable and I think you really look like her:3
good luck with your future cosplays. I was thinking about cosplaying as well for a long time. But I fear I might spent a lot on fabric and then make something completely ridiculous out of it;-; because I can't really sew XDD

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