Thursday, January 2, 2014

Geo Super Nudy Voilet

~ Christina Perri -  Thousand Years 

London: "How to be brave? How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?"

These lovely violet lenses are from: and are called: "Geo Super Nudy Voilet".

Read more for the review!

 They are comfortable. I haven't had any troubles with wearing them and they didn't irritate. 7/10
* The color is clearly violet, I really adore them!  9/10
* The base curve = 8.6mm Which is rather good since the curve of yours should be 8.9 mm in general. (When it's less, it means that the lens is tight to your eyes, meaning there will be less oxygen and more pressure onto you cornea. This can damage you eyes. I advise you to pay attention to this.) 7/10
* Diameter: 14.8mm. I don't like my lenses to big since they are harder to put in and allow less oxygen. I like these because they are a little larger and easy to put in. 8/10
* Water Content: 38 - 42%.  A true soft lens should allow 50% to 99% of oxygen. Most circle lens have a procent of 35%. I'm glad this lens is more, but if you want to but a lens, the higher this procent, the better it is for your eyes. 7/10
*Type: 1 year disposal. I adore that you can use them for one year, but ones they start hurting or irritation I advise you to trow them away.
* Prescription: we didn't do this, but it's definitely a plus when you are wearing glasses!
* What we love as well is that it comes with a lens case!

Overall I'm very satisfied with the lenses. Like I perhaps mentioned before, don't forget to wash you hands, get a proper solution!!! This is very important since I had problems with mine and my eyes were irritated for 2 weeks. If your lenses hurt of feel uncomfortable,I highly recommend not to wear them, but if the lens is comfortable, doesn't cause irritation and doesn't block your view, go ahead and enjoy a different eye color ^-^ We hope this review was useful!



Jackie said...

The lenses really wonderful. The violet is very intense.

Lisa said...

Wooow, you look again so amazing with lenses. The violet look good on you, London. Those cat ears are adorable as well =D

Xox Lisa

Anonymous said...

Heey, it's been a while since I read your blog. I always wanted to try lenses but I'm to afraid to wear them, but this review is really handy. Going to check there website out. x

fashion-meets-art said...

wow these lenses are gorgoeus. i should try it. excellent!
kisses to you!
happy weekend!
Maren Anita


Dona Nedelkovska said...

so cute! your hair looks amazing!
btw, i'm following you on instagram :)

Inês Silva said...

Those have to be the cutest cat ears I've seen *-* Love that review on the lenses, I've never wore coloured ones but I really wanna try :)

Panty Buns said...

You have gorgeous eyes and lips. I never would have known those were contacts if you hadn't written about them. The information about the GeoColouredLenses is very informative. I love your eye-makeup, lipstick, your hair and the cute lace ears.

Star said...

Ohhh here's the post for the lenses! What a striking purple. They really are excellent.
I've never worn contacts though. I'd be nervous about it! Though I'm sure it would be fine once I tried it.
Thank you for sharing, ladies =]

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