Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Macaroons

Hello mad readers! This video is part of the Kellogg's "Change for the Better" project. We wanted to show you how to make macaroons. It's very easy, quick and super delicious. Sometimes you don't need to buy sweets since you can make them yourself and add more healthy food to it that makes is more healthy and even more delicious. Did you know walnuts are at the top of our list for increasing omega-3? Here are some fun facts I found:
  • Walnuts Improve Sleep (wish is good for me since I'm having sleeping problems. Check out the post about stress and sleeping problems 'here')
    • Because: The body's pineal gland produces the hormone "melatonin" that induces sleep and helps regulate sleep.
  • Walnuts lower your risk of gallstones and lower your bad cholesterol risks
  • Walnuts improve blood vessel health
  • -...

Since we wanted to be somehow increase eating walnuts, we decided to make macaroons from them. 
Read more to find out wish easy ingredients we have used.

  • 64g Cornflakes (Kellogg's, but you can use any normal cornflakes)
  • 64g walnuts 
  • 1 egg (the protein)
  • 64g sugar
  • 64g coconut powder. 
Enjoy and let us know if you liked this! Recipe ^-^



Katie Frank said...

This video is amazing <3 !
I must try it on my own :)
Your nails are wonderful <3


Jackie Harrison said...

Mmm I like macaroons this its a delicious

Natalie Vanheers said...

Super, ook voor de kerstdagen! Ga ik zeker eens proberen!

Liefs, Natalie

JANET said...

Macaroons are my favourite, looks delicious!!

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Dress your life. said...

Heel leuk gedaan en het ziet er erg lekker uit :)
Naomi, x

Eline said...

Het ziet er zo lekker uit! En wat leuk gedaan ook met het filmpje, met de ipad bijvoorbeeld :)

AVY said...

Looks perfect.



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