Sunday, December 15, 2013

Change for the Better

Hello Maddies, here we are with an update of our 'Start to Run' project. As you perhaps have seen on television special K had made a promotion video for their new three grain recipe as part of the  'Change for the Better" campaign. which inspired us to do something different and change things to improve ourselves and make ourselves feel more happy and confident, not to forget more healthy.

  • Me and my sister always were bad at eating vegetables, fruit, or even eating. We skipped breakfast, at little when we didn't liked dinner. I dare say we poorly drank any water, if it was three glasses it would have already been a lot. We realized this wasn't healthy at all, so we decided to change that.
We hope you can be inspired by the campaign as much as we do since here are a few thing that helped us: 
  • With what did ''start to run"help us:
    • First of all: it makes our head light and the only thing you think about is breathing, listening to the music, enjoying the surroundings and watching where you run of course. 
    • Besides that we started drinking a lot more water because your body asks for it! Our body needs water to function properly. Water is besides oxygen the most important thing human beings need. It's the base of all biological processes. It's important for: 
      • The digestive tract (transport of the nutritious substances)
      • The body temperature (to stay stable)
      • ...
    • It decreased our stress. Perhaps you are thinking "Ooh, I will bet tired, sweaty,..." and to be honest we thought this as well, but you won't feel tired after running, not mentally, your body perhaps a little, but it's really a wonderful light feeling you have in your head after running. Yes, you will be sweaty, but you can enjoy a shower twice as much after that. 
    • Your stress decreases and you will sleep better! It's not good to sit behind the computer for hours to work on an essay for school and watch television after you work is finished. Getting some exercise and fresh air makes you feel much better. (I can't deny I can enjoy watching television very much too after a long tiring day!)  You can describe it like: running away from your problems temporary. 
We hope this can encourage you to start to run, or at least give it a try. Or you can of course do other sports you like more, though for running you don't need much more than proper running shoes and sports bra. Make sure you have those, because without those you can injure you body!!! So go to a local sport shop where they can help you, or you can help yourself find the proper equipment. ^_^

As for the food, here are some fun facts about food which makes you want to eat them!!
  • Vitamin A - Gives you a smooth skin and health forehead. It also is good for your eyes!
    • Melon, grapefruit,  apricots, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato's, pumpkin, eggs.
  • Vitamin B - Prevents your skin from becoming greasy and get less acne. 
    • Banana's, chicken, tuna, crustaceans, avocado, beans, nuts, eggs, milk, whole grains.
  • Vitamin C - Lessens scars, bruises. It's also good for your immune system. 
    • The sun, (3 to 4 times in the sun per week for 15 minutes), milk products, tuna and salmon.
  • Vitamin E - Gives you a healthy skin. Lessens scars and protects your skin from damaging influences. 
    • Juice, spinach, aspersions, broccoli, nuts. 
  • Vitamin K - Prevents dark circles underneath your eyes. 
    • Spinach, beet, parsley, lettuce, coli flower.  

Aren't these reasons for you to eat them all? It was an encouragement for us to do so. As you know (or not) we have a lot of trouble with dark circles. Lets try eating a little more spinach, beet, lettuce,... shall we?! <(^_^)>


rougeimaginaire said...

Nice post! :) I've started to run as well. I've made a habbit to do it every Sunday, and feels really great! I used to hate it when I was in highschool, and whenever I did it, it was just because I wanted to lose some weight or something, which wasn't a great motivation. But this time I'm doing it to feel healthier and to get a little more energy, and it's going great. :) So I recommend it as wel!

Nerline Germain said...

These colors go so well together.

Star said...

Thanks for the great post. It's always refreshing to see this one in a while. My personal problem is that instead of under-eating, I'd always overeat, so if I was tired, stressed, angry, upset, whatever, I'd always end up eating to feel better =( I only ever lost my appetite if I was severely depressed. I found that when I drank loads of water, LOTS of things improved, including the overeating. I'd recommend that to anybody as a starting point!!

Again, thanks for the post, as I've been AWFUL in the exercise department and I've been quite embarrassed about going running. But I think I will try. :3

GIULIA said...

love the first picture!

Brenda evans said...

thanks for the info! :)

Jenna Opsahl said...

Beautiful photos! Running does feel amazing =]


Kate from Clear the Way said...

Drinking water is SO important! It makes all the difference.

mywhiteT said...

Thanks for this post. I stress so much and it might be the fact of all the bad eating habits I have.

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