Sunday, October 6, 2013

Something new!

Dear maddies, we want to let you know that we’re going to live healthier. Last days, weeks, years has been very stressful for us. Exams, studying, and a lot more. Since we wanted to make some space in our head, to be more peaceful and live more relaxed, we wanted to try a new project, a new start. (Read our first part about lessening stress HERE'
This time, I Paris, am speaking from my own experience. A short while ago I started a program called ‘Start to run’. It is a program that learns you running. It can sounds weird, but hey, it works! So lesson one starts with one minute running and one minute walking, etc. This for twenty minutes. The goal of ‘Start to run’ is to run 5km nonstop. I must say, if you have stress and you think way to much about some things, you must start running! It’s just amazing! I love doing it, because you feel like a new person. All the stress is gone. 

Me and my sister are people who are sick very easy. So we are going to eat healthier as well. Meaning we don't want to skip our breakfast anymore and want to eat more fruit and vegetables. We started to eat something new from Kellogg’s Special K. Special K has changed its recipe, it got more grains. It contains 3 products now: Rice, wheat and barley. Together with running and starting the day, not skipping our breakfast, we want to feel better and more confident. We let you know if its works. A new goal in our life!



Elegantesque said...

It's been several months I'm trying to keep up with a good rythm to run, after 6 months I run 5kms 3 times a week! I eat also special K !

Elegantesque Blog

Junjun said...

What a great way to "restart" your life! c: I'm trying to lead a healthier lifestyle as well (by starting to cook for myself more as opposed to eating out)! c: Exercising more is on my list too~ Best of luck to you two!

Nathalie VandenBerg said...

Succes girls!

Joanna said...

aww! that's great to hear!

Running is definitely a very good form of exercise! It helps keep you very fit and healthy! I've heard that it's good for stress relieving because when you're stressed, your body releases cortisol (stress hormone) that causes fight-or-flight responses. So running--and other exercises--help the body use up that extra energy that the body is currently releasing. At least this is my guess, but don't quote me, haha.

Eating breakfast is also really important. For me, I just can't deal without breakfast. My stomach growls rather embarrassingly loud ;___: haha

Helena said...

Wish you get better :)


FAKKE FAME said...

you have my full support through you're new journey, and you have chosen the right part! :) I personally try to make healthy choices as often as I can and it can be hard some times, but anything is achievable if you really want it. Love that you write the post about this and hope that you will be updating us cuz we all need a reminder sometimes.

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