Tuesday, October 8, 2013


~ Rosi Golan - Everything is Brilliant 
London: "Blinded by a perfect sky and moments that we try so hard to define. So don't you let me question why."

A while ago we visited a nice coffee bar called 'caravan'. It's located in Antwerp, damplein 17. Unfortunately it isn't in the center, otherwise we would visit it more often. You can reach it easily by bus or you can just walk. The coffee there tastes really good and besides that the decor has a real vintage feeling, which we adore very much! They also serve lunch and it's all very delicious and homemade. It's really healthy and not expensive at all. If you are in Antwerp, you should really try to visit this little cozy coffee bar!



Elisse said...

Ik at er vorige week vegetarische lasagna. Suuuuperlekker, een echte aanrader! En heel cosy, ook 's avonds :)

Je suis Sophie said...

ziet er supergezellig uit!!

Eline - collars and cupcakes said...

Ziet er gezellig uit!

thevintageblues said...

Ziet er een gezellig cafeetje uit. Staat op mijn Antwerp to do list!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely place

Charlotte Everaert said...

ziet er gezellig uit! luvvv for koffiebars

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