Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Would you like a cup of tea or a piece of cake?

~ Cécile Corbel - The Doll House 
London: "Take care of the doll house, my father used to say. It's built for little people and maybe one day they will come into the doll house"

Wonderful greetings from the maddies here. We hope you all are having a wonderful day. As you can see our blog layout has changed a lot, and I (London) dare say I have cursed a lot to get it this way and I still have to fix some errors, but to be honest, I'm not really a html freak so it always takes a while before I figure things out. I hope it will be fixed soon. You will notice the 'Older Post' button is now moved to the sidebar, which I think is rather pathetic since you have to scroll all the way up to go to the older post. (Seriously, who is that mad to to that?). Well, at least it looks a looootttt better than before. So, what do you guys thing of the layout?
Now about the look; I found this beautiful vintage dress again in my closet and I almost forgot how much I liked this one. Combined with the blond wig of 'Ab Hair Wigs' I find myself stepping in wonderland again. The lovely flowers in my hair are a gift from Charlotte and Hannah. You can see Charlotte (also called Charlie by me) in one of the outfitposts below. They both really are so kind! Thank you again darlings! The bubbles that you can see are created by a gift I got from Mieke! I adore this gift so much. I have already used it soo much x') haha. Thank you as well, Mieke. I should stop writing, though I feel like a lot has happened and too much to tell, but I'll let you enjoy these pictures!
Dress: Vintage - Headband: Gift - Shoes: H&M - Teacup: Gift - Wig: Abhair



Movuitton!! said...

Lovely :D

Junjun said...

You look so lovely and so beautiful! ^^

Vogue Villain said...

How adorable! I love everything about your outfit.
That's a gorgeous dress and I love that it's vintage!
You look super adorable :)

Jo said...

This post is soooo darling! The dress, the wig, the bubbles -- it all looks so perfect together <3.

And I am loving the new layout! :)


Alette said...

Ik love the look and I love te new lay-out for the site!

Chiara said...

so pretty :)


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Ivana said...


Melanie D said...

Love the new layout - such a lovely change :) Also, that dress is gorgeous! I have a few vintage dresses but none quite as beautiful as the one featured in these photographs!

Editor of Whim Online Magazine

Little-Hat said...

Incredible!! :)


Brenda Lu said...

cute like a doll!


Fancy Melody said...

Oh wow, the new layout is beautiful, it looks perfect, so sweet and romantic.

fizz said...

Wow what a whimsical look! You almost remind me of a cosplayer. You look straight out of a book. Lovely photos!



Ker Yi Lau said...

I love it! I feel like i am in wonderland just by looking at your pictures!
Very Nice!


lauren, curious constellation said...

Your new layout is gorgeous and so is your dress!

Mariana said...

Lovely photos, that vintage dress is such a beauty.

Maya Bogaert said...

Wauw echt prachtige jurk!! En die bubbles zijn zo leuk, doet me eraan denken dat dat mijn favoriete zomer-bezigheid is :) terug gaan kopen dus!
Maya - Archistas

Le Mathou said...

Your dress is amazing.
It's a pleasure to follow your blog !

See you soon



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