Friday, July 26, 2013

Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle

~ Mhysa - Game of Thrones
London: "Never forget who you are, for surely the world won't. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it and it will never be used to hurt you."
Hello maddies, how are you? You know, a lot had happened and I really was thinking to end this blog because of certain issues. Though I'm not sure Paris still wants to continue with blogging, I will keep blogging and perhaps change the name of the blog when the decision has been made. The good news is that the blog will keep excising.
These pictures are kind of random, but I was experimenting with a long dress and draping it to create a different dress. I was inspired by 'the game of thrones' since you know I'm now addicted and even doubting if I should read the books since I've heard they are very good. I never been a real fan of the middle ages up till now, this series really inspired me with many things. The point of view about life, discussions and sudden surprises, good or bad. I'm sure we all have up and downs, you just have to find that fire inside you that keeps burning when everyone else is going out, making sure you can be the one who can light the others. Finding that special talent whether it's big or small, since even a smile can brighten someone's day. You don't have to become a great artist to make great paintings, nor do you have to be more than you already are, because when you know who you are it can never be used against you! Live is full with possibilities, you just have to be willing to take them.



Ruby And Siel said...

Amai wauw die lay-out! Echt chic! Als ge zin hebt om die van ons ook eens onder handen te nemen? ;) Ik vind de tijd er maar niet voor!
En game of thrones, inderdaad prachtserie. Al was ik niet zo gek van de boeken toen ik ze jaren geleden (voor al de heisa) las.


Maya Bogaert said...

Happy dat je gaat blijven bloggen en ik vond het eerste boek alvast een struggle om te lezen nadat ik de serie had gezien. Ze zijn écht wel goed maar het eerste seizoen en het boek zijn echt 98% hetzelfde. Mooie jurk! Dany is echt mijn favo character :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!! :D Love your blog.

Juliet said...

Wow,this is so lovely

Jolijn said...

Prachtige foto's! Ik ben trouwens helemaal weg van jullie nieuwe lay-out!
Gaaf dat de blog blijft bestaan, ik zou jullie niet kunnen missen hoor!

Katie Frank said...

stop being so beautiful <3

cleartheway said...

Those strawberry nails are seriously so cute.

Kate from Clear the Way

hellomissplaid said...

I hope you continue with the blog and i love your outfit and your nail, I hope you're doing well!

Chiara said...

lovely shots! :)


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Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Pretty photos. Hope you keep blogging.

Mademoiselle said...

You has was named(appointed) in liebster Award on the blog;)
Congratulation!! I looks forward to your article:)

Valérie Techer said...

Beautiful pictures :)

nicoleta buru said...

You look stunning. Such an amazing outfit, sweeties ^__^

Many kisses,


Angie said...

aww zou jammer zijn, I love your outfits :)

Brenda Lu said...

you are so gorgeous! just like barbie!

Kailey said...

Just now discovered your blog - I adore the beauty posts and your photography is stunning!


Anonymous said...

You should keep on bloging! Never stop it :D


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