Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Blog Awards

~ Passenger - Let Her Go
London: "Staring at the bottom of your glass, hoping one day you make your dream last."

Hello everybody! How are you? Yesterday we were at the Smets store in Brussels since the winners of the blog awards were going to be announced. Let's say it was first of all stressing, since the trains towards Antwerp were cancelled but we arrived in time. The store where the event was taking place, was simply amazing. If we had enough money we would have bought every single item, but as students we unfortunately have to get around with a small amount. But hey, looking is just fine as well! We haven't won the award, like we expected, but we had a lot of fun and met some awesome bloggers! The winners of fashion were: Ella & Louise. They definitely deserved the price! Two amazing girls and though we couldn't talk very long, we enjoyed our time together. Of course Sophie from "Je Suis Sophie" was there as well with and Hanne from "Mangelmoes". Two amazing girls with two amazing blogs! The dress Hanne is wearing is made by her and the necklaces both girls are wearing are made by Sophie.  (They are very talented!) Besides that we had to chance to talk to Nanja from "Suriel". She has a beauty blog and I think I have to ask some tips from her since she is really good! The beautiful Paulien from the blog 'Polienne" was there as well and together with her, us and Hanne, we have been in the same High School, Maris Stella. It's hard to remember all of them since there were a lot of amazing people, but of course I can't forget Carolien and Jeroen from "Eyeful". They are so sweet and both looked amazing! We regret we didn't take a picture of their outfit! But perhaps they show it on their blog. Ow, also we met Vanessa from the delicious food blog: "Vane Valentine Food" shortly, but she is super kind, and of course we want to meet again soon! We talked and laughed at and drank a lot of the food and drinks they offered us and went back late. The goodybags are awesome (and the food in it is already eaten) and I still feel happy. 'Guys, we soon have to meet again'. Unfortunately Paris is now very ill, so I hope she gets better soon. Have a lovely weekend Maddies!



LaceandPearls said...

Love the pictures, looks like a cool event!

Ice Pandora said...

Aww jammer dat jullie niet
hadden gewonnen :c Ik had nog
2x op jullie gevoted!
Gelukkig nog even kunnen
nagenieten op het event!


Ruby And Siel said...

Looking good! :) Proficiat met jullie 6e plaats, dat is lang niet slecht!!
En die kettingen van Hanne en Sophie, inderdaad prachtig !

Je suis Sophie said...

t was echt heel gezellig jullie nog eens te zien! En goed gedaan girls :D volgend jaar top 3!

My Blueberry Nights said...

looooove your pics, are amazing!

kisses babe!

Maya Bogaert said...

Superleuke foto's girls! Jullie hebben het echt al super gedaan :) jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn.

Charlotte Everaert said...

superleuke foto's ! :D

Anonymous said...

Super! I was rooting for you guys to win! :D Vind jullie stijl gewoonweg super!

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