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I want to be one of these snowflakes posted at 3:33 PM

~ FictionJunction - Hanamori no Oka 
London: "At any given time it wont give up it's smile for it's possesses courage!" 

I don't have time to write much, but there was snow today and we are kind of happy with it since it's very beautiful. Even though we hoped it would be on Christmas. Snow is so gently, calm and elegant  I can stare at it for hours since I call it pure beauty! 
About the look; well, we though snow can give a romantic and fairytale like sphere, so we decided to take pictures with the lovely blue dress from Romwe. It's a lovely color and wearing the dress I felt like dancing around. It's cold so the cardigan of Tidestore was a good combination since it felt warm and still looked chic. Of course I couldn't wear high heels so these boots of SoYouShoes were just perfect for this weather. Last but not least a lovely cute necklace from Chicnova as finishing touch. Isn't the carousel cute? Have nice day! xxx
Dress: Romwe - Cardigan: Tidestore - Shoes: SoYouShoes - Necklace: Chicnova Bag: Vintage 

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