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'Cause if we've got no honor, then we've got no shame! posted at 1:59 PM

Emilie Autumn - Fight Like A Girl!
London: "There is no such thing as justice, all the best that we can hope for is revenge  a hostile takeover, an absolute rebellion to the end."

"I'll get my revenges somehow on the world or at least 49% of the people in it and if I end up with blood on my hands, well I know you understand cause I fight like a girl!"
These are two quotes of the song "Fight like a girl" from Emilie Autumn. I adore the songs and her lyrics like I explained earlier on facebook as well. This song somehow gave me to straight to fight for what I have, what I can get and what I deserve! Somehow her songs really got a meaning and I adore it, since it's different from the songs I'm used to and they always give me the motivation to do things. I highly recommend her and if she also has more 'soft' songs, the album Enchant, was and I think still is my favorite album and has amazing poetic songs too.
The look is dreamy and no I'm not really in the mood for fighting in this look. I guess, it's more dreamy, playful perhaps. It was rather cold taking these pictures, but the snow is just too lovely. The skirt from Miss Patina is really beautiful, the color and fabric are wonderful! The length is just perfect for us. We really adore maxi skirts but this one is not heavy or looking like it falls down too straight. When you walk it flows so sweet in the wind, very elegant, yep, that's why we love maxi skirts. ^-^  The with blouse and the hat make it somehow even more romantic and the necklace its color did fit the skirt just perfect in our opinion. Well, enjoy the pictures, we have to study now. x)
Skirt: Miss Patina - Hat: River Island - Necklace: H&M - Blouse: Romwe 


We are Paris and London a creative twin living in Belgium. We are both still studying and besides studying we love blogging. We are both interested in Fashion, Beauty, but also art and culture. We create our own world and fashion helps us to achieve that. - The Mad Twins

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