Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunny summer, Romwe Giveaway

You guys can win a pair of cool sunglasses and 60$ freebies. Amazing huh! *-*

What you need to do to win is follow these steps:

1. Sing up on Romwe's shop. If your are already registered you can skip this step.
2. Follow romwe on twitter: here and on Pinterest: here
3. Follow The Mad Twins on Google Connected
4. Give a link with which sunglasses you would love to win ^-^

Write a comment below and give your email address that's registered on Romwe! Good luck!
The Giveaway ends on: 20/05/2012


Katarinna said...

FDC: Katarinna

Joan said...

these are great!beautiful color!

Despina T. said...

did everything!good luck everyone!

Naama A said...

reall great giveaway!
twitter:@naamaaha, Pinterest:NaamaA, GFC:Naama A


לובה said...

Hope to win!

Lubna said...

GFC: Lubna
Twitter: Ellevoxblog

allie said...

gfc allie

twilight_aple at yahoo dot com.

Yasmeen said...

Following you on GFC (Castle Fashion)
Following the on Twitter (@Castle_Fashion)
and already registered with this email:

Thank you !

saralyn said...

GFC: saralyn_low
Twitter: saralyn_low
Pinterest name: saralyn low

Klof said...

agnieszkazg said...

Van S. - said...

Very great giveaway... good luck everyone...!

Final days: CHANEL Cosmetics GIVEAWAY

Van -
New Facebook-Page

Sydney L. said...

how lovely is the colour!!


<a href="></a>

GiGi said...

Yay for giveaways! hehe

twitter: @maffin87
pinterest: gingersmuffin

Isaa said...

GFC: Isaa
twitter : @isabel_ac
pinterest : Isabel Almeida

Iris said...

Awesome giveaway and lovely photo:)♥!

celliasaragih said...


Lippylash said...

Ooh I like!!
Mijn email adress is of

Adrianne said...

i love romwe <3

Angie said...

angiefaith @ twitter
sundaybelle @ pinterest



Lorna said...

Amazing giveaway!
GFC: Lorna
Email: dupy80(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ar

Boheme.Fille said...

Already having an account on Romwe and following them on twitter and pinterest. I also follow you via GFC.

Katarina said...

GFC: Katarina

Twitter: @Dare2WearKat
Pinterest: Katarina Zivkovic

Laura said...

Nice giveaway babes!

Fingers crossed


samantha.tedesco said...

Thank you!!!

Skye said...

Enter me

GFC: Skye
FB: Skye Kumi
Twitter: SkyeKumi

∞ thao said...

Followed you via Google Connect
Thao Nguyen

Anouk Lannoo said...

Done :)
Spannend! hihi

Zab Trinidad said...


Anonymous said...



i dream about winning!

Laurein H said...

i'm in :)

Oxygen said...

I'd go for these sunnies:


Patricia Lopes said...


ayappe said...

all done!

and i love this adorable kitty somuch!


Loreleid said...

GFC: Loreleid

Pinterest: loreleidd

Thanks for the great giveaway <3

Megan said...

Love the colour!!

imponderabilia said...

Anonymous said...

LadyAsia said...

hey, I did everything you asked for!

here's my data:
GFC: LadyAsia
twitter: @asia92
pinterest: ladyasia

I'd love to win those awesome sunnies:

thank youuu xx
kisses from Denmark!

Madoka said...


Vaurien said...


want this glasses:

Twitter: Freiwelt
PInterest: Vaurien
GFC: Vaurien


RheA said...

GFC: Rhea Mocorro
Twitter: @jurinsthea

Followed everything!

Hoping to get this sunglasses:

Since it is Prada-ish with its baroque style. Just lovely like you and your blog!

Romwe email:

dictionary_of_fashion said...

I would like these, because they are awesome! :)

dictionary_of_fashion said...

I would like these, bacause they are awesome! :)

Š... said...

Sue said...

All done :)
I like this sunglasses:

Loreleid said...

Following you on GFC: Loreleid

Following Romwe on Twitter as @Democraduras and Pinterest as loreleidd

My favourite sunglasses:


Veronica said...

Name: Veronica


-I just have to say I love you both.

Debbi_ said...

Debora Ferri

Jasmin Ann said...

M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Merle said...

I love these:

Anonymous said...

Hello ;)
I love this glasses

Mimi G. said...


Marisa Ferreira said...

GFC: Marisa Ferreira
Twitter: MaryJ16
Pinterest: MarisaFerreira

Anonymous said...

Kelsey W. said...

hi, i'm kelsey :) my email is and i'd love to win these sunglasses! thank you so much and i love your blog xx

rebecca supertramp said...

i would love to win these:


Kristina said...

Kristina Cruz

Anonymous said...

The Simply Kelly said...


- J said...

Been waiting for another Romwe giveaway for a while now- love them! Although I don't have a Pininterest account, so unfortunately I couldn't follow, hope thats okay. Thank you for the great giveaway :-) Even though my chances of winning are a definite 0 for these wonderful giveaways, I'll give it a try again.

Name: Janet


- J said...

Forgot to add my favourite sunnies, :-)

christihippekip said...

GFC: christhippekip
email: christi _ jacoba at hotmail dot com
twitter : xoxocti



Lulu said...

Email: redalepou[at]yahoo[dot]com

I looove these:

GFC: Lulu
Twitter: @LuluFleg
Pinterest: lulufleg

faerielifes said...

I would love these ones:


Š... said...

Cindy Dinda Andani said...

I love this glasses

my email:

saralyn said...

Oops, forgot to mention which sunglasses I would love to win.

O-Mocha said...

Email: douglas.danielle[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: @o_mocha
Pinterest: omochamocha
GFC: O-Mocha

These sunglasses look killer!

Thanks for the giveaway~~!! :)

Iva said...

Anonymous said...

katrinmagic said... :)
gfc: katrinmagic

yas said...
(+ these are perfect:))

Calli said...

GFC: Calli
I love these:
twitter: @freefragments

Amanda Paredes said...

I would love to shop at ROMWE if i'd win.

Amanda Paredes

yoopa said...

omg thanks!
followed on tiwtter (saya_l), and i don't have pin :/
and followed ^^~
lol, these are awesome in so many ways

Sofia Araújo said...

GFC follower: Girlon SHop
Favorite sunnies:

Marisa Violeta said...

I done all the steps :)

My favorite sunnies are:

punkettina85 said...

i like this:
GFC: punkettina85
i don't have twitter and pinterest i'm sorry :(

My Cowlick said...

I am so excited about this giveaway! I <3 Romwe!

I am following you on GFC (amanda nguyen), following them on twitter and p-interest, and already have an account with them.

My favorite would be:

Giveaway at

Tegan Amelia-Rose said...

Love your blog so much, and thank you for fanning me on lookbook. You are such inspiration pretties.

Sublime wishes

Leona said...

All done :)
this ♥

|{isu said...

I love your blog! I just found it :)

I did those steps and I follow you on gfc with name |{isu :)

I would love to win these sunglasses:

My e-mail is

Proudtobeleen. said...

Leuke wedstrijd! (:
Ik had van m'n beste vriendin een zonnebril met kleppen gekregen voor m'n verjaardag, van romwe. Maar de kleppen zijn afgebroken in m'n tas :( Echt heel erg jammer!(deze waren het: Er zijn er héél erg leuke zonnebrillen te koop daar, hier zijn mijn favies!

Heel veel liefs en succes everyone! Have an amazing summer with amazing sunnies!
Lots of love.

Szappanbubi said...

porcukorborso at gmail dot com

These're my lovelies: Cat's Eye Sexy Black Sunglasses

GFC: Szappanbubi

Ania said...

GFC Ania
my favourite sunglasses:

Cade said...

Done! :D

Anonymous said...

Sergeant Fox said...

Siel said...

Leuke giveaway, ik doe zeker mee! Heb alles geliked en volg jullie via GFC :)

& I love these sunglasses:

Anaivilo said...

I did everything you asked, I am following you and I am following them with the name Anaivilo. Here is what I want:


Madeleine said...

Best give away ever I have to say, as I love sunglasses!

I follow you already here, follow Romwe both on twitter and pinterest, and are signed up to Romwe with the

The got-to-die-for-sunglasses I want are these darlings:

Eline | said...

Want! :)

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