We have fallen in different waters and could't get out!

O~One splits in two pieces, both a voice,  a heart, but their feelings seem always to be the same. Only us could understand
the way we talk, while the rest of the world keeps out of our own forbidden world. The gates were closed and there was only one key to unlock and only one of us could open it. Locked up in our own imagination. I never realized it could be different. Nobody ever interrupted our feelings, our world, nor understood what we actually meant to each other. We always were together and never felt alone. We didn't need anyone else to understand us. Secrets, feelings and thoughts we shared and we called ourselves best friends instead of sisters. Now that we are grown up, the road eventually seems to split up and we both are shown a different way. People are intruding in our world which we never shared with anyone else but us only and it frightens me to see her walk away. Standing still on that hard road, wanting to stop her, but you can’t move. The world of our own gets lost and breaks into pieces and the pieces of colorful paint fall down upon us. It’s hard to put them on the same place again, but some are lost and when I keep looking at the spot where the road has splitsed, I keep remembering the feeling of being tiered apart, the moment we were finally know as one person and not two persons as one. We have fallen in different waters and couldn't get out!


she. said...

these are beautiful.

Despina T. said...

omg!these pics are so amazing.this is art!great post.

Yajaira said...

great inspiration

Angie said...

such haunting images. beautiful though! although the last one is really creepy.


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Dreamy collection of photos. Is the first painting a pre-Raphaelite one?


Ruby And Siel said...

Prachtige afbeelding! Vooral die eerste Ophelia <3
Maar disagree :) once a twin, always a twin! Zie het eerder als twee bijna parallelle lijnen die soms wat dichter, soms wat verder van elkaar zijn, maar toch altijd dicht bij elkaar :)

Van S. - PureGlam.tv said...

Very great pictures - wonderful style...!


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Femme Virtue said...

wow, incredible art!

Run With Fashion said...

wow, loove the way this post was written, really beautiful and mysterious. :)
As for the pics, they're so beautiful and LOOOVE THEM! I loove underwater pics, I wish I can swim, so I can take underwater outfit pics. lol. :D

-Eliza :)

Insomnia said...

That's life, you can't keep living as one forever. But you'll always be close.

shakila j said...

amazing pictures X

Iris said...

These photos are so amazing♥!

I have taken some under water photos as well, I will maybe post them on my blog some day:).

Love, Iris

Tori Bonaventura said...

Absolutely AMAZING photos! I love the mystery. Terrific post! :)
xo, Tori

Natasha Ting said...

terrific photos.. such beautiful.


Charlie Clark said...

Wow this is beautiful <3

Eline said...

ik ben echt té lang niet op jullie blog geweest. Wat een geweldige post!