Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mad Blogging Day Project

Hello dear maddies. We're starting a new project which is called : "Mad Blogging Day". Every thursday we will present you three bloggers. Today we show you tree Belgium bloggers who we met before. If you want to have a place on our blog one of the coming thursdays, send us your favorite outfit and a little text about yourself. At themadtwins(at) Enjoy!

This is Siel form the blog : The Two Wondergirls. It is a person with a lot of creativity, 
she always has the best ideas, such as tea meeting like Alice in Wonderland, halloween parties. 
She studies art history and knows a lot about fashion. Her style is wonderful. 

This is Nikki from the blog : The Ginger Dairies. She has an amazing style as well! 
Guess what, she studies at the same school as Paris. Both Social work. It was very nice to meet her! 
Very friendly and kind. I love her dreamy and vintage style and she can edit her picture very well!
 Go and check it out !

This is Stiene from the blog: VogueSuit. We met her once at an event and she was so sweet!
 Her style is wonderful as well! The places where she takes pictures is always great! 
She is going to study public relations (if we're correct). Go and check her out! 


Corina said...

great looks!!! I loved the last one!

Stiene S. said...

Oooh superlief, echt leuk!! :D
Ga het meteen bij op m'n blog plaatsen!

Sydney L. said...

owhhhhhh so nikki and paris are in the same school! cool! :D

Emma said...

Love the tights she has on in the first blog. I will check these out! x

Laura said...

leuk! ik ga jullie een mailtje sturen :)

Laurein H said...

AAh kim vandaar de rubriek ;)
Jullie zijn de volgende blogs to keep an eye on, nog enkele weken wachten xx
see you monday

Adele said...

Great way to introduce new bloggers!

Polka Princess said...

Great picks! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Yajaira said...

love the last outfit
cute dress, bright

Noémie said...

Interessante post! Ik vind jullie blog heel leuk! Jullie hebben echt een super stijl, heel inspirerend! Ik volg jullie nu!
Ik ben zelf ook een Belgische blogster ;)

inmyhansonshirt said...

That is a really cute idea! I love the first picture - her outfit is gorgeous!

Call me M said...

I already knew Stiene, as I've visited her blog before, but I'm going to check out the other girls too!

Laurein H said...

haha ik bedoelde blogproject ;)
In mijne blog-slang zijn dat rubrieken.
Kheb nog een vrij creatief idee liggen, maar ik vertel er nog over op school! xx

Antonia said...

Last one is my fave! That bag is fab!! :)


Lena said...

The first is my favourite! Looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The first girl knows how to work with color and her tights are awesome xx

Maria said...

great pics! im checking out these blogs they look awesome! thanks for sharing xoxo

Under the Fluorescents said...

i love the idea of featuring other bloggers! maybe i'll send in a photo :) xo

LyddieGal said...

what three lovely, stylish ladies!!
i will have to check them all out!

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Anonymous said...

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BlondeMuse said...

Thanks for sharing, now I'll go check their blog ;-) xo

Eline said...

wat een leuk idee!
En leuke bloggers. :)

Julian Tanoto said...

super in love with the tights ! <3

Journal J

Mi_Mi said...

i love the last one...soo pretty...i love the looksthey ar really nice..

Dorien said...

De eerste kende ik nog niet, maar Stiene en Nikki zijn ook twee van mijn favoriete Belgische bloggers :) !

Marionberry Style said...

LOVE this idea and love the style of each of these ladies. Each so different yet so chic.
XO - Marion
PS - Just found your blog and you have a new follower!

Marionberry Style said...

LOVE this idea and love the style of each of these ladies. Each so different yet so chic.
XO - Marion
PS - Just found your blog and you have a new follower!

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