Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Mad Blogging Day 2

Hello dear maddies. Previous Thursday we started our new project: "Mad Blogging Day". A project where we present three bloggers
each Thursday. Today we show you another three fashionistas.
She is Daphne from : fashion confession of a mommy. She is style blogger living in Southern Ca, USA.
She is originally from Turkey. She is mother of two children; a son and a daughter. 
She has a wonderful stylish motherwho does kid activities every day. Please go and check her out! 
This is Laurein from the blog: I am LRN. She is a Belgian blogger and guess what
she also studies social cultural work and sits in the same class as Paris. Isn't that exciting?
All Belgian bloggers come together in Geel. She has a wonderful style and is a very kind person.
You certainly have to go and check her site! She has a weakness for cups and she can cook very well.

This is Laura form the blog: FĂȘtes vos yeux. She is a stylish girl who studies psychology 
she is also a vegetarian, just like us. She has a wonderful style and we love the way she edit the frames 
of her pictures! Don't forget to check her blog! She also a very kind Belgian girl who lives in Ghent. 


Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Thank you ladies so much for featuring me. Love the other blogs featured as well.

Laurein H said...

Sweet :) should have a 'kempen'-blogmeeting!
En geheimpje; ik ben ook al bijna 7 jaar vegie, woohoo xx

The Mere Alchemist said...

I love Belgians, bloggers and veggies! Hooray for all of them!

Laura said...

woohooo! thank you girls!

CSX girls said...

they are amazing. love them all.


just discovered your blog, thanks for sharing other bloggers with us!


kira said...

Great post! Such great bloggers featured. Good eye

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