Black and White

“Books bring alluring colors to our mundane black and white world.” ~ Caleb Reese

Black and white, good and bad, sun or shadow. It's never complete when one of them is missing, but isn't this what we call 'black and white" thinking. Nothing will ever be just black and white. Nothing will just be good or bad. Because we all know every color has different shades. "That is just a red wall". We all imagine the color, but it will never be the exact same in our minds. We might live in the shadows, but the shadow will vary, because the sun will never create the same shade twice. Dusk, dawn, twilight, there will always be an in between.

Do people sort subjects in boxes just to know what it means? Just to make sure they understand. Because, what would it feel like if they didn't figure out the answer. The unknowing dept off unquestioned answers. It might just frighten us.

Perhaps we ought to embrace the things we don't know. A dilemma always has two outcomes, but none of them will have a good or a bad ending. Because, in what context will it be good or bad. Making a decision was hard enough anyway.

Sweater and Shoes: H&M - Overall: Primark - Hair: Styling Vieng

Written by London

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Alice said...

Oow, I saw this look on lookbook. The pictures are stunning!