We're all mad here.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

Dear mad readers. This used to be my cat. Her name is Wally. I adopted her from an animal shelter, but when I broke up with my boyfriend, I had to leave her behind, because I didn't had a place to stay yet.
I'm really sorry for her that I had to let her go.
I love cats, because of their attitude and they're always looking so peaceful. Enjoying their lifes.
Wally woke you up when her feeding box was empty. It took a while before she actually loved us. I didn't know what happened to her before we got her, but she enjoyed staying with us after a while.
Sometimes I'll try to figure out a plan to get her back, but that's not possible, so I remember the good times with her. Here some pictures of her. :)

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