Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Something New

~ Alice - Lizz

London: "For we are two of a kind, when we walk, we are one. The sound of lies being told disappear like the sun and now we both bow our heads; only a single shadow. Didn't you know that I'm also going alone?"

Hello dearest, maddest readers! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Our weekend was calm. Saturday we made a video like you could see in our previous blogspot -> here. We worked hard on that one since it isn't easy to talk in front of a camera and talking in English wasn't the easiest as well, but we are pretty satisfied about the result and try to improve ourselves so we can show you another one soon. In the main time we want to show you some new items. The beautiful headbands are from Family Corner. The shop sells lovely winter accessories for her and for him. They are all made with care and packed wonderfully, ready to give to somebody as present or keep for yourself. We really adore them and they are just perfect for the winter. The sweet and kind owner of this shop also has an instagram! So check it out. The cat and fish earrings and bow are from Born Pretty Store. I still need to test the eye lashes but at first sight they really look amazing. The earrings and bow are just sooo adorable. We'll show you both of them in an outfit soon. Ow, this online shop also offered our readers a coupon code to get 10% off: YKT10. Besides that I've bought some cute writting paper which was in sale in Kruitvat. What items do you like? 



Jackie Harrison said...

Cute images and yes video was cool nice items.

Angie J. said...

ooh thanks for linking Born Pretty, never heard of it before!

J. said...

Darling bow!

Sakuranko said...

The falsies looks very pretty, I have a cat and fish ring I posted in my Instagram and looks very cute, now I want this earring to make a set! comment to me back to keep in touch!


Louise said...

The headbands from Family Corner look so warm and comfy. The cat earrings are cute as well!

Nagareboshi said...

The hair clips is adorable. ^^

Star said...

Wow! I was going to order those earrings!! I decided not to as I got pearl-style ones instead XD that cat and fish is soo cute though :3

I love the writing paper. I have never seen a pink deer before =D Thanks for posting! It was cool to see what you're up to!

Aurélie - lovelifelovefashion said...

Such adorable items!! And the video you guys posted before was really great and fun to watch! So be proud and more of those please ^^

x Aurélie

Lara said...

the headbands and the cat and fish earring are my favorites <3

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