Friday, April 5, 2013

Room part 2: Beauty Corner

~ Ingrid Michaelson - Turn to Stone
London: "Let's go to sleep with clearer heads and hearts too big to fit our beds and maybe we won't feel so alone before we turn to stone."

"I know I'm nothing new. There's so much more than me and you, but brother how we must atone before we turn to stone."
It's Friday and guess which song is in my mind now when I think about this. My room is finally finished since two day ago. I think it's perfect and though it may look rich, I decorated it with the cheapest stuff I could actually get. Some things are of course more expensive, but the curtains in my room were only 4 euro for both. The "Wibra" sells amazing decoration as well, and the quality is really fine! Can you see the teapot on the shelf? That one did only cost me 3.5 euro, which isn't expensive in my opinion. The box where I keep my make-up in now did cost me the same as the teapot. The nailpolish you can see, I got from my best, greatest, most beautiful friend, Siel from Two Wonder Girls. I'm very happy with it, so thank you again Siel ^-^ Besides that the books "Vampire Diaries" from L.J. Smith have arrived and I'm on page 160, first book, in less then a day. I'm reading them in English, but they read fluently. I'm curious what is going to happen so I'm going to read further now. Have a wonderful weekend! 



Eline said...

wat een fijne en gezellige foto's :)

Ice Pandora said...

I bet your room looks rich
with stuff! Yay for cheap
stuff and funny to know you
guys have the 'Wibra' as
well! Ik koop daar altijd


Kathy said...

I love these pictures! Your room is absolutely gorgeous!

Kathy :)

Panty Buns said...

The beauty corner of your room is adorable, pretty and very nicely organised. Thanks for the glimpse. Its beautiful.

Melda Auditia said...

Amazing photographs! I really love that song btw!

Ruby And Siel said...

Aww dankje ^^
Het ziet er prachtig uit girl! Met al die beautyspulletjes en zelfs de corps bride die uitgepakt is! Ö
See ya soon!

Naomi said...

I love the Tim Burton doll~

Prabal Gurung for Target Giveaway!

cleartheway said...

I like the beauty corner! Pretty lighting.

Kate from Clear the Way

My Gaby said...

So cute bedroom!

Kacie Cone said...

Ah I'm so jealous, your room is too perfect!!

Elisabetta Silvestro said...

such a cute blog <3 now following on bloglovin!

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