Thursday, March 7, 2013

One foot in front of the other

~ Emilie Autumn - One foot in front of the other
Paris: "We never will forget, and no, we will never forgive. We fought hard not to die, yet we don't know how to live. How do we change our world to what we want it to be? How do we move beyond all of this misery?"

"We wagged a war with Hell, and look, we still survive, but just because we live does not mean that we're alive. We've won the final round, but how to enjoy the win when we've been broken down and we'll never know what could have been. Heaven help us, where do we begin? ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER FOOT"
Hello again mad readers. It's London speaking about a post of Paris though, but poor girl is still not home, so I'll do her a favor since I'm on schedule with my work. I found the most amazing song which supports me took take steps forward when I feel down. Emilie Autumn is a singer who you must like, I guess, but I'm sure this song can help everybody. I interpret that it's about taking steps to get over everything you are dealing with. Just taking one foot in front of the other foot, which is so true. I adore this song very much now and listen to it all day now to make myself to just take on foot in front of the other. So lets all do that!
About Paris outfit; I personally like it. It's classy and cool at the same time. The hat makes it look more classic together with the bag. The amazing sweater from Sheinside gives it a more cool touch together with the jeans and shoes. I personally love to wear the sweater since it really is one of my favorites. Doesn't it look comfy and stylish at the same time? We hope you like it as well!! Loves, Paris and London.

Shoes: Urban Outfitters - Sweater: Sheinside - Jean: Zara - Hat: H&M - Bag: VJ-Style



Eduarda Rocha said...

Nice bag ;)

My Gaby said...

so casual, so beautiful! love your hair!

Kyla said...

What a great outfit! That hat is so fabulous.

Eline said...

hele mooie outfit! Ik kan begrijpen dat dit een van je favoriete truien is, hij lijkt me heerlijk!

Laurein said...

Wauw Kim ziet er goed uit, deze outfit zou ook stunning zijn met jullie jeffrey campbells ;)

MarieAntoinette said...

fantastic ♥

Fashion Fools said...

It's a perfect sweater :-)

XxX A.

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

gorgeous! love the hat, a lot!xx

Mariana said...

omg! Beautiful sweater, I'm a huge fan of sweaters and I really like this so much. I'm gonna listen the song you mention, it seems that it's the perfect song for me now.

Maya Bogaert said...

Supermooie tas en hoed! Leuke pull ook, echt een zalige meer casual outfit. Mooie foto's!

Katie Frank said...

you look so cosy and beautiful <3 i love it! i just love it!

James said...

This look is very beautiful!

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