Sunday, February 24, 2013

I think you were wrong about me

~ What if - Emilie Autumn
London: "You don't know me, you never will. I'm outside your picture frame and the glass is breaking now. You can't see me, never will if you're never gonna see."
If you always wondered how you look like when you would have another haircolor, than a wig is a perfect solution. Though, we agree, finding a wig is difficult. Most of the time they look fake, or do not fit, show your  other hair, but this one from abhair is truly amazing. We have two other wigs, but we never had one who looked as natural like this, don't you agree? What is your opinion about wigs, and what do you think of this one? The blouse from Sheinside in our opinion fits the wig so well, it's so sweet and it has little dog on it, did you notice them? It's a perfect cute little blouse.

Wig: abhair - Blouse: Sheinside
Ow besides that, I'm truly struggling by the fact people say they know me, but they only judge on how I behave in front of other and how I look like. I think there are only a few person who can say they truly know me, which would be my sister Paris and my best friend Siel from the blog Two wonder girls. All the rest will see me from a person who doesn't have a deeper inner side with hidden thoughts and secrets. I don't agree with all the statements given to me lately. I adore sweets things, ow yes I do, but my inner thinking and mind is totally different from what you all think. I have a s strong vision at the world, myself,... and it's not all positive. Perhaps I should open it up more, what I truly think, like what I'm doing now. Perhaps there are people out there who are struggling with the same irritation like I'm doing now. So perhaps we can share our opinions! Like in the pictures, they are as innocent as they appear since this is my idealistic world that is just too hard to reach, which sometimes makes it hard to face reality.


the creation of beauty is art. said...

I think you're right - a lot of times people will say that they know you, when in reality, they only know the version of yourself that you allow most people to see. There tend to be very few people who know the 'real' anyone, I think!

As for this wig, I think it's gorgeous. You can totally pull off blonde! :)

Jolijn said...

I love the way the wig suits you. It's amazing. And I am really interested in you opinions. I don't think it's wrong to share your feelings about some things :)

Nancy Wilde said...

Fantastic creature you are! This reminds me of the spooky blondie created by Fellini, I think!
You look like an angel.

Gemma said...

I think only ourselves really know that true 'you' that hides inside every one of us. It's difficult to open up widely at others and show all our fears, doubts, feelings, worries, etc.
Like you, if there's someone that almost knows me at 100% then that person is my sister. She's like my other half. :-)
On a less deep, emotional note: that wig looks so real and makes you look like some kind of forest fairy!


Melda Auditia said...


Gioia said...

Wow, it really suits you! Love your style


Ak Yasmine said...

you're right!! :)

Katie Frank said...

Oh my <3 What a dolll <3 <3 <3

Julia Janku said...

i`ve always wanted a black bob wig... you look spooky sweet !


Anaïs Qui said...

SOOOOOOO perfect like that

Liquorish Online said...

Love this cute look!

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