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Old times will be overtaken by the new ones posted at 11:49 AM

~ Versailles - Remember Forever 

"I remember this place, although I can't see anything of it. Embracing tightly, the two of us made a vow and shared a wish. Those overlapping emotions, awakened from their sleep would slow down anyone's live fast and recklessly. I remember this place believing our paths will cross again. I'll keep holding on to the words the two of us promised and the wish we made. No matter how many tears I shed, I'll  keep struggling to walk until I finally arrive."

I just finished my oral exam from ZAO (zelfstudie en actieonderzoek) ! In English: Self study and action research. It's hard to translate. Well, I never say it went good or bad because I don't want to be disappointed, so I just forget and study for the next exam, which is tomorrow. (Stress is killing me!!!) Well, a very quick update which I'm doing during my break now. These pictures were taken a long time ago.
Paris and I went to the begijnenhof in Turnhout, it's a very pretty place and the weather was amazing that day as well. I don't know what we did anymore, but probably just enjoyed the day. Have a lovely Tuesday!

Paris is wearing: Skirt and bag: H&M - Playsuit: Zara - Shoes: Wanted


We are Paris and London a creative twin living in Belgium. We are both still studying and besides studying we love blogging. We are both interested in Fashion, Beauty, but also art and culture. We create our own world and fashion helps us to achieve that. - The Mad Twins

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