Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rouge Coco Shine, Liberté: Giveaway (Please Help Voting!)


Al you have to do is vote HERE, it's connected with your facebook-account.(you can vote every day!!!)
- Please post it about it :)

The WINNER will be announced on our blog on the first of june,  and will be featured in an interview.


Ashley said...

Good luck girls!

Ruby And Siel said...

Crazy girls :O

Cailin´s Place said...

good luck!love the lipstick color!kisses

Alice Dias said...

I loved your blog, it's soooooo sweet!!
I am already following you!!
Can you follow me too please?? And if you dont mind could you follow the blog's twitter? @blogspm
Alice Dias

jamie said...

oh i love this line of lip colours! good luck to all the ladies who participates ;)

Dilan Dilir said...

great giveaway :)

Marke said...

amazing giveaway :)

Kimberly said...

i voted and i'll keep voting!

Anonymous said...

Waauw echt een mooie blog ! xx

Adripé. said...

Your blog is lovely, I follow you :)


Danielle said...

Mooi blog is dit! En een leuke giveaway xx

Aditi Bhalotra said...

Wow that's a gorgeous colour :O

Thanks for your comment!!
Great blog..following you. =]

Follow back if you'd like!!


Aditi Bhalotra said...

Just given your Giveaway a little shout-out here-

Hope it helps!!


Annemieke said...

oh i love your blog!
it's fantastic!
and a great giveaway!
i hope i'm gonna win!

Alice Dias said...

Sweetie, you have my vote!!!
Loved the video!!
Alice Dias

JoannaHelena said...

Ik heb gestemd! Wat een leuk filmpje :) Ik zal proberen nog zo vaak mogelijk te stemmen, want deze wil ik graaaag winnen! :D

xoxo, Liefs Janna

fashion-onstage said...

dankje voor je reactiee
nee ik heb het niet zelf bedacht, maar ik vond hem wel heel leuk en ik wil hem zelf natuurlijk ook nog gaan maken!

Star-Light said...

thank you!

fabulous blog you have..i will follow! follow me back :)

Anonymous said...

Dankje voor je reacite!
Ik zou echt super graag mee willen doen aan de giveaway. Ik wil al super lang een chanel lipstick maar ik heb geen facebook account. Jammer genoeg!
Toch veel succes! xxx

Lúcia said...

what a lovely give away!
thank for commenting my blog. I'm surely going to vote.

Sjaar said...

Perfect. Sweet to give away! Stylish blog.

Littlefashiolista said...

ik doe mee met de give away
ik heb op jullie gestemd! wat een geweldig filmpje <3
ik ga echt elke dag proberen te stemmen

xfashionbabyy. said...

ik heb hem gepost en doe mee!!

i love mochi said...

lovely blog! the swimsuit is from victoria's secret =)

Lydz xX said...

goodluck. :)
Lydz xX

ANewPairOfVintageBoots said...

Don't have facebook :(

But hope you'll win!!!
(great blog btw!)


Sassy said...

Great post :)
If you like my blog, you follow me. I'll follow you too :D
Alla moda e con stile

Mayke said...

ja het is zeker weten een aanrader!
ik heb gestemt!
en doe zeker mee hihi.

By Sara Romero said...

ooo i saw this contest when it was released i was just too lazy to participate haha. anyway i voted and i wish you luck :)
thanks so much for stopping by my blog <3 new readers make my day lol
i know im a blog nerd


Florencia said...

thanks for the comment! amazing giveaway! i don't have facebook but i'm going to vote you from a friend's account: Anita Platero. I follow you! xx

Yeraldin Morillo said...

wow , i saw your video , very fantastic !
You look natural, sexi and crazy girl ;)
i love your video !- I voted for your video :)
*thank you for your comment !
my blog - follow me :


honey, where are u from??? we can talk and I can try to buy that nail polish if u want..... I think I can still find it ... tell me!!!
email me -

kisses from brazil

Ev said...


Fashion Fabrice said...

Good luck darlings:)

Anonymous said...

The video is awesome just wonderful <3
i'll vote everyday inchallah...even if there wasn't a giveaway..cuz i don't wear makeup anyway lol.
but i'll participate i'll post the URL of the post on my blog soooon...

Yuliya said...

The video is wonderful ♥ i vote ^^
Bisous !

Cam said...

huhu chanel ;):)
greatblog ;)

G said...

Done it!! good luck for the contest and crossing fingers for the giveaway ;)

Anonymous said...

i adore chanel)

Anonymous said...

I posted about it on my blog and here's the URL :


Natasha said...

Nice giveaway!! <3

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

oehh Great giveaway!

love chanel!

NEW POST, come take a look.

Tri▲ngle said...

i vote for you!!i hope to win
good luck everyone for the contest!

Beatrice Vita

TheMadTwins said...

thank you

Vanesa said...

Thanks for your comment ladys! i haven,t got facebook so i cant vote for you, anyway... good luck!!!


Sisters and Sisters said...

Geweldige giveaway!
En leuke blog hebben jullie:)!

H&C from Amsterdam

drenka said...

Good luck!!! Voted!!!

Roxy Heart said...

I voted!
Good luck!!

Sunny & Star said...

:( I don't have a facebook account but I wanted to say good luck.

Miy said...

I'll vote! Good luck..

The Picnic Girl

Join my 2nd blogaversaire giveaway!

Syrious said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that's AMAZING! super lovely rouge chanel!

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

ik spreek helemaal nederlands:D haha!
super leuke giveaway
en dankjewel voor je berichtje
i have a new post, maybe you can check?

Radiant.MakeUp said...

gorgeous :)
thanks for sharing!! x

Anonymous said...

I'll vote! I love the color of the lipstick :D.

I'll follow you, will you follow me back? :)


femke &cindy said...

Wat een SUPER giveaway!
Ik heb op je gestemd (Cindy van Rooijen).


Lola said...

Done! Good video! ^_^ My fb name is Frida Khalo!
kisses ^_^

caty said...

goog luck
my name facebook = Caterina Luci

liz said...

Hi, I already vote you in FB name dokidokico :)

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me and everyone :)


Aii-Yiing said...

Thanks! =)

You have a amazing blog!
I'll follow you! ^^


Yami said...

Thank you for the comment, I have entered your giveaway ^^ I also have a giveaway:

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog.
great pictures.
check out mine.

hope you will follow me :)


Cecilia Warner said...

hey thanks for inviting me to join your giveaway. you should follow me back if you like my blog i'm following you now {:

Tri▲ngle said...

thank you!done it! good luck to everyone!

Beatrice Vita

Hello Naka said...

i hope u win!

The white cabbage said...

done !

come for a visit, and if you like sign as follower ...I'll do back


vintage process said...

Good luck!
Really nice blog!!

Kylie said...

Dankje voor je berichtje! :)

Ik heb gestemd hoor! & ik volg jullie nu ook!

Anonymous said...

VOTED! this is amazing :3

Pralinka said...


I voted as kasia pil**

Baoto said...

Leuke giveaway! Heb gestemd. Nog bedankt voor je reactie.

Nic said...

Hey I voted for you guys and I hope you win. I'm in for the giveaway! Love your ideas!

Laura Loves Clothes said...

Love your blog! Follow me if you want & I'll follow you back :)

carlijn said...

heb gestemd ! :D super. x

Laura said...

Voted :) !

Good luck

tami said...

I voted, it was great! Good luck :)))

Chiara said...

good luck!!!

i'll be voting everyday!!

pievutė said...

very positive video :) I like that :))

good luck!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

I voted for you! It's amazing,I really hope you win! Good luck :]

Anonymous said...

Thank your for your comment.

Your blog is SO cute :)

I voted for your clip! It's perfect.


Aušra said...

Mmm.. Coco... :}

Sunaina said...

Leuke giveaway! Goed filmpje, ik heb op jullie gestemd, good luck!


Sienna said...

I voted! Thanks for your comment! I love your blog, pretty cool.

caramellitsa said...

wow!!this video is soo sweet!!
(love the music <3 )
you are really creative i hope you win!!i voted & will vote 4 u every day i posted the video on my wall :)
great giveaway ,too!!
kisses <3
**also followed you on google,bloglovin,fb ;DD

Deia said...

Hey there. Thanks a whole lot for the comment. I just started following you, your blog is pretty awesome :D
and also I liked that video, and I shared it, and I voted for it... I'll do that everyday... (except for this weekend... I have my graduation party :D)
hugs & kisses, Deia @

Anonymous said...

Wauw, wat een fashionable lipstick! Hebben!! ;)
Voted! :) Leuk filmpje trouwens! :)
Bedankt voor de tip girls! :)
Oh ja, jullie hebben er trouwens een nieuwe follower bij! Zowel via GFC als via Bloglovin en Facebook! ;)

Ik duim alvast want mijn make up stash kan echt wel een Chanelletje gebruiken! ;) En het zou ook een perfect cadeau zijn voor mijn upcoming b - day (31 mei! Yay! ;))

Keep on blogging! :)


Marta Azevedo said...

Loved it!!
I'm already following your blog!!


MyLifeAsLiss said...

Bedankt voor de tip van jullie winactie!
Ik heb gestemd hoor! :)


latanie. said...

Stem 286 ;)

Ik said...

I voted for you
My FB Username is Ikya Kesiraju. Also, I am a follower of your blog.
Good luck girls! Hope you win!:)

Keesh said...

It was quite hard to find the comment button! haha =)

Voted and goodluck! =)

aki! said...

Really well done and adorable video.

The Hearabouts said...

Voted :D . Good luck!

The Hearabouts

daer0n said...

The video turned out great! Best of luck, voted!

Alessia said...

Following and voted! :)

alelale at live dot com

Anonymous said...

erais visitados por la idea excelente

maruf said...

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