Saturday, December 18, 2010


I saw the movie Silk. I adore the movie, so emotional and it really made me think. I keep remembering the words, she "Hélène" said in a letter to her husband who had a mistress...and she knew, but he didn't know she knew about her.
Hélène was very ill. A few days later when she passed away her husband found out that the letter was actually from his wife, instead of his mistress. In this letter Hélène makes clear that she knew about his mistress and how much she longed to be beloved, like he loved his mistress.

My beloved,
do not be afraid, do not speak.
Stay as you are, I'm here at your side.
Do you feel me?
When I touch you for the first time...
you will feel the warmth,
but you don't know where.
Perhaps it will be on your eyes,
who could ever erase this moment.
There is no end to it. Don't you see?
What we were meant to do, we've done.
Believe me my love, we've done it forever.
And soon as you're happy,
do not hesitate for a moment to forget this woman who now says;
without a trace of regret,

Here are pictures, inspired by the movie "Silk"



minnja said...

I love that post :)))))))


Natalie Suarez said...

beautiful photos! love this post! :)

ching said...

oh my, i should find time to watch that movie. what lovely pictures.

michelle_ said...

i really love the lighting in this pictures !

thanks so much for stopping by at my blog !!
i hope you've had a great weekend :)
glisters and blisters

Mei said...

Beatiful pictures, the letter kind of made me upset o:

Zabrinah said...

Wow. I really want to see this movie, now. It sounds amazing and moving. I need to look up Silk right now.


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Marina said...

nice pics!!!

Melody said...

Photos are beautiful <333 said...

it's only $25 if you want it :)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Ahh, I've never seen silk. But I definitely want to, especially for the costumes. They look so classy and pretty!

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

Ok I'd not heard of this movie til now so I just looked it up, think I might have to watch it, sounds interesting. Lovely pics
Scrapbook de la Emma

Becky Regina said...

That movie must be really good ! I haven't watched it

Tiffany said...

all the pics are so great!
I love this post

Pervesely Perfect said...

I must watch this movie now after these beautiful photos.


Love your blog totally following now. Hope you can take a look at mine.

Shirley said...

beautiful pictures!
such a great post!
thank you for all your comments and for following me, i just follow you back!
take care!

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