Thursday, October 9, 2014

Room Tour

Because I got asked to show my room, I decided to make a video. I always try to make my room a cozy place but also practical for all my hobbies and activities. I can count myself lucky with this large room. I have a corner for my beauty products and wigs. A closet for art stuff and another one for my clothes. I have a large bureau surrounded with little stuff and books and again art stuff. I'm still satisfied with my room, but when I will be moving to my own place it will become more modern and practical, because all this little stuff  takes a lot of cleaning work XD anyway enjoy the video. (Please watch in HD ^_^)



InĂªs Silva said...

that really looks cozy :3 I love rooms full of stuff

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: this room is very nice. Very well organized. Keep in touch

Panty Buns said...

Your room and everything in it looks beautiful. I love all the stuffed animals. The stuffed animal sheep sitting in the office chair by the laptop is priceless. The delicate flowered tea cup by the classic camera, the beautiful teapots, cups and saucers on the shelf, all the books - everything looks so neat and pretty. Thank you so much for the video tour!

Chiara said...

lovely room you have !
I could feel that it really suits you !

and Love the background song !


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maiko said...

Thanks for made a video:3
How cuuuuute your room!

Laura said...

your room looks so pretty! i'd happily let you rearrange mine, haha:-) xx

The Fashion Panda said...

Lovely room ! :)

Katie Frank said...

yay your room is a paradise <3

Juseneide said...

Totally cute the teddy :D
Lovely room.

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