Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pinky Pardise - Halloween: Jane Volturi

~ Jane Volturi

London: "I glimpsed her face for the first time. She was younger than me, but older, too, I guessed. Her eyes were the velvet color of dark red roses."

Hello everybody. Halloween is less than a day away. I still wanted to do a quick Halloween post featuring my red lenses from Pinky Pardise since they were meant for Halloween. And what better can you be for Halloween than a feared (innocent looking) vampire. I absolutely adore Jane Volturi. Dakota Fanning plays her in the movie and looks gorgeous though in the book she is described as a tiny girl who looked like a boy with lank, pale brown hair trimmed short.
I adore Jane's dark and sadistic personality. She enjoys torturing others with her gift, which she loves. Besides that, Jane is a twin, and I always have strong connections with characters who are a twin in books, series and movies. Like I have a strong bond with Paris, she has a strong bond with her brother Alec.

I must say I adore these lenses very much. They are bloody red, just like I wanted them to be. The lenses from Pinky Paradise are called: Bright Red by the brand: Venus Eye.

  • Diameter: 14.0mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Life Span: 1 Year Disposal
  • What inside: One pair of lenses and one Macaron lens case.
I love everything besides the water content that is a little low but still above the average lenses. They do feel comfortable Have a beautiful appearance and are great for Halloween or other dress up occasions. 



Ice Pandora said...

I like Dakota Fanning and her
playing Jane Volturi c:
You look great! It somewhat
also reminded me of Black
Swan a.k.a Natalie Portman!

Live-Style20 said...

amazing <3333


Angie J. said...

Awesome! I used to read Twilight when I was younger and while I don't really like it anymore, I will always think the Volturi were kick ass! Jane was defnitely one of my favs.

you look awesome!

Jenna Opsahl said...

Wow this is so rad. You look so intense! Love the contacts, of course.


Ine said...

Wow, deze look is echt super leuk :) Je ogen zijn prachtig geschminkt!!

Nagareboshi said...

Those lenses are cool and they suit you well! Did you have a good Halloween?

Clara said...

Wow, die ogen! Echt goed gedaan met die make-up

lovepirate said...

I have the same lenses. :) They're indeed very pretty, aren't they? I love how vibrant the red is. Originally I wanted to wear them for Halloween, too. But due to a cold my eyes wear super sensitive and I couldn't wear any lenses on that day. You looked great, though! Like a real beautiful vampire. :3

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