Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Childern's Farm

~ Nina Nesbitt - Stay Out

London: "All these boys and girls are people, looking for someone to be."

It was 6.45 a.m when I woke up to leave for Utrecht. Our AKB0048 group decided to help at the childern's farm. It was 10.48 a.m when I arrived at Utrecht Central Station and met there with the other to take the bus to Eva. There we changed and left to the farm. It was harvest feast and the farm did also exist for 10 years. We helped the children with getting the ingredients for their bread that they had to make with all the ingredients to eventually got in the end. They all thought we were princesses. Besides that we also played tag and hide and seek with them. Of course we also had a lot of fun acting crazy and preforming after the delicious BBQ! In the end I had to run for my train, which I eventually missed -.-" and with help of Kim and Annemarie I got home save! It was midnight when I arrived home and I was very tired, but I can't describe the fun we had! I also made a small video which you can watch on the end of this post. Please watch HD. We all made these costumes ourselves, we also won with our act on abunai, but I still have to make a post about that, but I'm still waiting for the pictures and video's to be released. ^_^ I hope you had a lovely weekend as well. (ow and in case you didn't know, I'm the one with the very long blond braids) x London



InĂªs Silva said...

that place looks amazing and cute to pass the day ^^ You look so awesome, best place/people to wear that :D

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Fabulous pics. Very interesting event. Keep in touch

Nagareboshi said...

Looks like it was such a fun day!


Katie Frank said...

wow this place looks so magic <3


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