Friday, July 25, 2014

Stuck in silence

~ Emeli Sande - Read all about it

London: "If the truth has been forbidden then we're breaking all the rules."

Hello dear maddies! Here again a mad post about this wig and lenses! As you know we adore lenses and wigs! This wig if from MoeMall. They sell high quality wigs! The wig feels sooo soft! These pigtails come with a base wig. Normally it doesn't take long for the wig to be delivered at home, but my wig seemed to have some trouble, besides that it was again held by the customs. (They seem to hate me!). Anyway, I have other friends who are cosplaying AKB0048 at Abunai 2014, (more about that in a later post) and they didn't have any trouble getting the wig from MoeMall. All their wigs did arrive fast as well. There are 15 who ordered them on the same site, so I guess I was a little unlucky. X'D Well overall I'm sooo happy with this wig and when I looked at the wigs of the other cosplayers, they looked amazing as well. I really recommend buying from this shop if you are looking for a quality cosplay wig! They sell a lot of wig and also cosplay costumes for reasonable prices! Besides that, what do you think about these lenses from Uniqso. You can read a similar review about the lenses here, they are only in a different color. I think the jewel series are amazing lenses and just the perfect touch for cosplay or an outfit!

Wig: MoeMall - Lenses: Uniqso - Blouse: Romwe



Chieri aurasphere said...

hi yuka chieri here :D that looks so adoreble! :D really nice wig and makeup

Beauty Follower said...

Love it!

Nagareboshi said...

Waaaaaa! You're adorable! ^__^

Run With Fashion said...

So cuuuute!! I love your face with the wig, such a innocent young face :)

Eliza :)

Enara Girl said...

I love the wing, I would love to have one. xoxo

Nagareboshi said...

So pretty! ^__^

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