Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Uniqso - Jewel Grey Lenses

~ Stereopony - Hitohara No Hanabira 

London: "A single piece of flower petal has fluttered down next to me just now."

Uniqso - Jewel Grey  

  • Color:  I always though grey lenses looked beautiful. I have dark brown eyes, so I think the color looks still good, but I feel they aren't really that grey on my eyes anymore, I'm sure they would fit light eyes better.  8/10
  • Design: I think the design of this lens is really nice and special! 9/10
  • The base curve = 8.6 mm, I like this since the curve of yours should be 8.9 mm in general. (Like I've written before: When it's less, it means that the lens is tight to your eyes, meaning there will be less oxygen and more pressure onto you cornea. This can damage you eyes. I advise you to pay attention to this.) 7/10
  • Diameter: 15.0 mm. I've finally got larger lenses since I got used to the 14.0 mm lenses. They aren't  hard to put in. I suggest when you start with lenses, you start with a 14.0 mm diameter.  8/10
  • Water Content: 55%. This is well, because most circle lenses have a 35%. A true soft lens should allow 50% to 99% of oxygen, the more water content, the better it is for your eyes. 8/10
  • Type: 1 year disposal. 
  • Prescription: we didn't do this, but it's definitely a plus when you are wearing glasses!
  • What we love as well is that it comes with a lens case! Which is of course very handy!
Overall I'm very satisfied with these lenses! They look amazing and make my eyes look bigger and are perfect touch for a look ^_^ And here are some tips to enhance your eyes using makeup & circle lenses!



Nagareboshi said...

Wow, amazing, everything! Love the whole look, love it all! ^__^

B.G. said...

awesome review! You give great advices to choose good coloured lenses and your makeup is super cute :)

Natalie Vanheers said...

Wauw, supermooi!

Live-Style20 said...

so cute ;-)


invite to me too

Allie said...

Oh wow- your eyes look amazing! Also, you're totally gorg...


LaraBeTheOne said...

You are so pretty! :)

Laura said...

your make-up looks pretty:-) xx

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

so pretty

Maya Bogaert said...

Deze lenzen zien er zo cool uit! Zoveel detail wauw, die laatste foto is supermooi, je zou eens een make-up tutorial moeten doen ook

Leopard Lipstick said...

Wow! Haar en makeup zijn stunning!
Vind de haarkleur echt wel perfect! Je bent net een popje met de lenzen. Maar eigenlijk is dit nog subtiel, vind het wel mooi! <3 knapp

Subha Bose said...

This looks good on you dear.

Keep in touch,

lovepirate said...

They are great. :)
I love how natural they still look on you.

Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Wow amazing make-up!!! You look gorgeous! :)


Ellen Atlanta said...

I love the look of contact lenses and really want to try them! I'm just so scared I won't be able to get them out..haha <3

Angie J. said...

oh I love that they come in prescription! looks really pretty, love your makeup too :)

Nele Steyaert said...

Ik vind jullie make-up echt mooi gedaan! De lenzen komen mooi uit, maar het ziet er niet erg natuurlijk uit, het zou idd eerder bij lichtere ogen staan.

Enara Girl said...

You look amazing, very good make up and pictures. xoxo

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