Friday, March 7, 2014

Cosplay meeting AKB0048

~Hyouka Yasashisa no Riyuu

London: "Although both light and shadow are still far in the distance, we still wish to know the reason for this kindness."

Hello maddies,
Previous weekend I (London) went to Romy to learn how to sew and make the costume for our AKB0048 performance on Abunai this August and I'm so excited. (You can read the interview about Romy: HERE)  It was really fun and I learned a lot. Melek was also staying there and they both are so talented at sewing that I want to become better as well. Romy has four lovely cats and I don't know how much guinea pigs she has, but about 10 to 12, I guess. I can only say I had an amazing time and discovered some tasty Dutch food, which I hope to find here somewhere as well. When I came home I had to do a looooot of schoolwork, but I also manged to finish my costumes. I only need to finish some details. I somehow am sad that I can't sew anymore x') I like it sooo much. I'm planning to try out something new soon. (When I have time, of course.) And I'm going to save money for a Lockermachine. It's sooo amazing that I was really bothered that I couldn't finish the edges of the fabric at home so neatly x') haha. Anyway. Here are some pictures of the meet and the finished result. (ps: watch the video in HD)



Maya Bogaert said...

Ziet er echt een leuk kostuum uit! Zalig dat je dat gemaakt hebt :) zoveel cavia's trouwens :o zo'n schattige beestjes wel :) zijn die katten niet gevaarlijk voor die cavia's? :p

Nagareboshi said...

Cool costumes. I wish I could make things like that... ^^

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great event. Keep in touch

Nancy Wilde said...

you can't possibly imagine how hard am I laughing at the cat with a bit of the tongue outside his mouth!

Subha Bose said...

You have done a good job, I like your dress.

Star said...

That first picture of the machine looks so... magical!!! Somehow! Where is it?
OMGG those guinea pigs!!! They are ADORABLE, I gasped aloud when i scrolled down to that picture XD they have the cutest little mouths. I used to have one, he was so sweet.

So many sweets O_O

Hahaha that cat has the expression of my sister's cat - so serious!! Cunning creatures.
That picture of you wearing the costumes was soo pretty! I would love to learn how to sew costumes for cosplay. I'd really value a skill like that :D
Great job! More power to the bloooooog <3

mywhiteT said...

Great photos, the vest turned out amazing.

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