Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's in you to carry on!

~ New Heights - The peaches 
London: "Daylight's coming, the sun is blazing. New beginnings seep into you, but in the end it's distant shadows that finally overwhelm your senses and it's around time around."
Hello mad readers! It's already the 17th of august. Time is going so fast. It only seemed yesterday that the vacation started. It keeps reminding me I should enjoy every moment I have and enjoy everything I do, even the fact that I need to study. I want to pass all my exams and do my best! Even though studying is really bothersome sometimes, but one day I look back at this moment and laugh about it. Yesterday I watched some old picture books with my grandfather. It brings back memories and I start regretting that I haven't any picture book myself. Digital photo's have there ups and down. Pictures books are like saving memories. Suddenly, you find them in a hidden place, still a little dusty. Everything comes back when you look at the pictures, thing you didn't remember before. It's very fun and it makes me laugh and cry. I'm going to make picture books after the exams, since I think it's more valuable than looking on the pictures on your computes. Do you have any thought's about picture books. Nowadays you have facebook or Instagram to capture you life, but it's different though to look at your pictures in Instagram. Here you have Instagram pictures of what I've been doing during my holiday. (A lot of working) but also enjoying the vacancy even when it was just spending some time in the sun, park, with friends. 'Keep your memories close!' Loves, London.




Ruby And Siel said...

Dus het kaartje is wel degelijk aangekomen. :) Ik hoop dat jullie een leuke verjaardag hebben gehad!
En ik voel met je mee met het studeren-gedeelte! bah, vreselijke tijd!

Veel succes met je herexamens nog !

Anda Alexandra said...

Keep your photos close and your memories closer ;) cute little post you have there :)

Janice Thi Tran said...

Obsessed with your blog. Love your photos!
Cannot wait to read more from you!
xx (✿◠‿◠) <3

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Time flies .. Keep in touch

luffymai55 said...

You are very awesome:D
I adore you.
I want to learn from the way you live:)
Keep up the good work;)

Angie J. said...

Lovely pictures, that painting is gorgeous! Is that seriously a cat with a facemask on??
I agree, a picturebook has its charms over Instagram and the like - although I lovelove Instagram because I probably would take less photos if it weren't for Instagram!

Katie Frank said...

those photos are amazing, it seems like you enjoying the summer time !

Charlotte Everaert said...

hee toevallig, ik heb eergisteren ook zitten kijken naar oude fotoboeken met mijn familie !
xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

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