Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Room: Part 1

Redemption - The Strange Familiar 
London: "For everyone lost on the silence, for every one missing piece, for every will that is broken. No matter how dark it may be there is redemption!"

"I feel the threat of thunder, but this rain can't last forever. The light chases the dark. Where there's a good heart, there is a good soul!" 
Hello creators of the mad world. How are you all doing. London hereby announces her room is finished and you will be seeing the first part of it. I adore arranging my own room since it's a little world for me. I tried to create a dreamy atmosphere since it always cheers me up. Do you like to cheer up your room as well, make it your own? One more warning, picture overload!



My Gaby said...

Wow! so cute bedroom!!!!!!!!

Shannon Boyce said...

Aww, so cute! Everything is so pretty and feminine.

Insomnia said...

Gezellig! Die cupcake set is super leuk ^^

Barbora said...

I adore your room!♥♥

reached 5/5 stars .)))

xoxo Barbora♥

cleartheway said...

Super cute and feminine.

Kate from Clear the Way

Chiara said...

I just love your room !


Panty Buns said...

Your room has a very cozy happy look to it. It's super-cute and comforting. I see Alice in Wonderland on the shelf - love it. :D

yana gutierrez said...

great photos! I am in love with your room, wish it was mine!


Kacie Cone said...

Wow! I'm so jealous, your room is stunning!

Katie Frank said...

Your room is more than perfect ! amazing photos <3

Julia Henderson said...

Such a pretty room, I'm incredibly jealous!

Julia x

RCagz said...

Such a gorgeous room, love the little teacups dotted here and there, as well as the fairylights xoxo

Fancy Melody said...

Your room is so pretty and light, full of lovely things <3

And thank you for commenting, I am really glad (and it's a big honor)!
I hope you guys can go to Paris more often (and you're already close to France so that's a good point ^^). Actually I don't live in Paris but in the suburb but I know I'm very lucky!
Thanks a lot for your comment, I hope we can talk again <3

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