Saturday, January 26, 2013

Amazing Avocado Mask Review

We have been asked what kind of products we use and if we would like to start to write a little more about beauty, so we decided to do so. We recently bought these mask of Dr. Van Der Hoog.
Read more if you want to know more about this product and it's quality.

We bought them in Esensa, but you can buy them in Kruitvat too. The prices are the same.  It's 2,19 euro. I know you can buy less expensive masks so we will compare them with other masks later. 7/10
The mask is packed inside a cardboard. A short instruction is written in the front and at the back there are more instructions. You can leave the mask on about 10 to 15 minutes and you can enjoy a bath in the main time to relax or just lay down somewhere, or of course you can do other stuff as well. What does the package say: "This mask is for a dry and exhausted skin. It cleans and stimulates the skin intense." 8/10
The mask
The smell wasn't very strong, which was sad since we were expecting a strong fruit sent and that would have been amazing to relax more. You can bring the mask easily onto your face and it isn't messy. You can feel the mask working, it tingles on your skin, but it goes away after a few minutes.
The result
The skin looks more healthy, it did clean the skin well. It felt fresh and flexible. The mask doesn't irritate the skin at all, at least not our skin. Paris her skin is very sensitive and it sometimes can react bad on products, so we guess it's also very good for a sensitive skin. The only disadvantage  was the the smell, it wasn't that fruity and strong as we expected. 8/10


Ice Pandora said...

Ik hou van Dr. Van Der Hoog
maskers, ze zijn idd iets
aan de prijzig kant maar dan
heb je ook iets voor terug c:


Barbora said...

Woow these masks look really good!
Love these pictures♥

xx Barbora

cleartheway said...

I prefer non-smelly masks, especially if it is going to stay on my face awhile. Thanks for this review. I always appreciate really thorough reviews.

Kate from Clear the Way

LéaChoue said...

Very nice picture !
And I love this blog :)

kaarlijnx-x said...

I really in love with the masks!! Like this post!

Charlotte Everaert said...

mm masks!
xo Charlotte

Katie Frank said...

I love such masks <3

JANICE G said...

thank you for sharing!

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Ice Tarunosastro said...

helloos, thankyou for visiting, nice blog. mind for exchanged link may be ?

Gêmeas Alface said...

cool!! check our fashion blog, we (amanda & fernanda) are also twins and we loved your blog! byye

Kati said...

Would love to try these!

Have the loveliest day,

Arien Plutonidades said...

Hi dear
Thanks four this review
I' ve never used this brand

Magdalena Zych said...

i love this look! very nice dress..

kataszka said...

you look so pretty!!!

Makeable said...

Ik heb net gekocht, dus ik ben heel erg benieuwd!:)

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